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1991 saw a resurrection of sorts for Jumpman. It marked the appearance of Jumpman Lives!, a relatively faithful rewrite of Jumpman and Jumpman Jr. levels for the PC. Jumpman Lives! was written by Dave Sharpless and released by Apogee Software of Duke Nukem fame (among many others).

Unfortunately Apogee never acquired the rights to Jumpman, which were still owned by Epyx. Apogee were ordered to cease distribution of Jumpman Lives! shortly after its release and they complied. Apogee no longer sells, distributes or retains any copyright on Jumpman Lives!.

The Jumpman Lounge has a copy of the full version of Jumpman Lives!, including all 45 levels from Jumpman and Jumpman Jr. plus a Jumpman level editor. It and a few other goodies are available for download here. Technically, it probably isn't legal to distribute Jumpman Lives! but I'll leave the link up unless I am advised otherwise.

Epyx lost the copyright on Jumpman in 1994 when it was returned to the original Jumpman writer, Randy Glover, as per the original contract.

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