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Earth and Beyond | Progen Government

The Progen Government
The rulers of the Progen people aren't just trained in politics; they are genetically bred with specific leadership traits. The Progen and their government believe in the Orbis Progen -The Progen World. That is, all that exists will one day be Progen.

The Progen Government is a Technocratic Republic consisting of a core Senate and headed by The Primarch.

The Senate
The senate is segregated into two houses. The seats of the Upper House (Comitia Centuriata) are held solely by Progens belonging to the Alpha class, while seats from the Lower House (Comitia Tributa) can be held by Progens from the Beta and Delta classes. Election to the senate is based on popular vote.

The Primarch
Members of the Senate elect the Primarch into office. The position of Primarch is restricted to Alpha class Progen from the Leader Caste. Therefore, Primarchs may only be selected amongst members of the Upper House. Traditionally, the Primarch is also a native of Mars. The term of office for the Primarch is 5 years, and up to five successive terms may be served for a maximum term of 25 years.

The Primarch's duties include serving as the Commander-In-Chief for the Progen Military, Head of State, setting foreign policy, and overseeing the executive branch of the government. The position of a Primarch serves as a check and balance for the Legislative branch of the government. The Primarch also has the power to grant special pardons and dispensations. The Primarch does not have the power to overturn decisions made by The Tribunal.

Assisting the Primarch is his Cabinet, called the Decimvirate (Council of Ten), which organizes and heads the Upper and Lower Senate. The Decimvirate also acts as a collective Second in Command to the Primarch.

The Tribunal

The true power of the Technocratic Republic is held by the Tribunal. This is the only Progen governing body that has the power to remove a Primarch from office and even then only during extreme circumstances. The Tribunal is given responsibility as the Progens' Law Givers and the Tribunal is responsible for handling problems between the City-States, Colonies and Stations. The Tribunal is also in charge of handling capital offenses. The Lower Tribunals, which are the equivalent of local government, handle non-capital offenses within their governing districts.

Legatus Magnus
The Legatus Magnus is an appointed position similar to a Secretary of State. If the Primarch were to die or be removed from office during his term, the Legatus Magnus would assume the role of the Primarch in his place.

The Virtuals

The Virtuals are actually recordings of all previous Primarchs who have served in prior years. Each Primarch's consciousness has been recorded and stored into a living computer called the Machina Republica. All of the past recordings serve as a collective mind for the current Primarch, who is the only Progen outside of the Sabine Order allowed to access this information. The Virtuals are only referred to only in times of extreme duress.