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Earth and Beyond | Jenquai Government

The Jenquai Government
The Jenquai government, called The Jenquarum (Ruling Council), is a hierarchical system that embodies both the judicial and religious philosophies of the Jenquai race. The top tier of the Jenquai Government is the Triumvirate (Council of Three), which presides over nine J'aati.

The Triumvirate
The highest level of power within the Jenquai government is spread amongst three leaders, each with ultimate power over the Triumvir (or branch) they control. The First Triumvir governs issues dealing with Creation, which includes exploration, colonization and religion. The Second Triumvir oversees all aspects involving Preservation, including resource management, infrastructure development and production of necessary products such as food, water and air. The Third Triumvir is responsible for Destruction. That is, overseeing the military or other defense departments and the judicial branch.

Like the Jenquai culture, the government is based on both a religious and political system, with members of the Triumvirate appointed from the highest J'aat. The Triumvirate is the body that creates laws and hands down the decrees to the J'aati.

The J'aati

The J'aati are governmental groups that serve The Triumvirate and are both political and religious entities. There are a total of nine J'aat and each governs a particular area and is headed by one of the Triumvir.

First J'aat (The K'shatriyan Order)
This is the top level J'aat and contains the best and the brightest members of society. It is responsible for deciding which issues or recommendations are passed from the J'aati to the Triumvirate. When a law has been passed, it is the responsibility of the First J'aat to ensure that the law is administered by the appropriate J'aat. The nine Jenquai Elders belonging to the First J'aat govern the remaining J'aati and are the liaisons to the Triumvirate.

Second J'aat (The Shido'sha Order)
The 18 members of this J'aat are elected from the public to act as a check and balance for the First J'aat. Members are selected from the general public into this sphere of government. The main function of this J'aat is to oversee Jenquai law and make recommendations, if necessary, to amend those laws.

Third J'aat (The Wei Shun)
The Jenquai diplomats reign from this J'aat. The main focus of the Third J'aat is to serve as ambassadors, delegates and emissaries to the Progen and Terran governments.

Fourth J'aat (The Shinwa Order)

The Jenquai military, called the Shinwa Order, is governed by this J'aat. They are also in charge of the Internal Police, called the Endoguard, and the Jenquai special forces unit.

Fifth J'aat and Sixth J'aat (The Ahzmundi)
The Fifth and Sixth J'aat operate together to oversee Jenquai workers and laborers. The function of these governing powers is to oversee resources, trade, transportation, infrastructure and everyday administrative or organizational issues within the communities.

Seventh and Eighth J'aat (The Sha'ha'dem)
The Seventh and Eighth J'aat are scholars, researchers, thinkers and explorers. They are also responsible for all religious activities in Jenquai society. Although members of the Sha'ha'dem come from every level of society, they are considered to be the most influential of the J'aati - and possibly the most powerful.

The Ninth J'aati (The Black Circle)
The exact duties of this J'aat are unknown to the majority of Jenquai. It is believed the Ninth J'aat is responsible for Security and Governmental Intelligence but their methods of administering those duties have been kept secret.