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"This game has totally blown me away, I have lost many hours of sleep playing through the night and have even wagged school so that I could get more game time, not to mention the hours of study I have missed out on for exams due to this freak of nature." -- Alex the Alien

"In the end, if you're a die-hard strategy fan, you've got to add this game to your library."
-- Trent Ward, IGN

The first Imp2 map mod! TheSan Francisco Bay Area.

Yep, an Imp2 map. Thanks to AMRush and his many hours of work with the Imp2 map editor, we now have our very first, fully functional, custom-made map for Imp2! More info here.

Imperialism article on

FashofSteel have published an interesting article about the Imp siblings, complete with input from Bill Speith, one of Imp's creators.

We have an Imp2 Map Editor! It's early days, but Keith Bennett has put together the first ever editor for Imp 2. Imp2edit - more information and download.

Important -- when joining the Yahoo list:

I've got the application process set so that you need to write me a message explaining why you want to join. Please metion 'Imperialism" or "Imp", otherwise your application will be denied. The reason: spam from idiots. We've had more than enough messages from dating sites and Biker Chicks to last us a lifetime. Of course, if there are any biker chicks who actually play Imperialism, they're quite welcome... join here.

Trade Empires Strategy Guide

Steve King has complied a very thorough strategy guide for Trade Empires. It's a 3mb PDF. Click here to download.

How to get six diamonds in one province (Imp2)
Mike Turton has come across the map key to own them all...

Medieval Diplomacy download link updated
Finally, and my apologies to MD players for how long it's taken... I've updated the link to my MD map mod.

New download links
There are new downloads for full versions of Imperialism 1, Imperialism 2, and Trade Empires. All are fully patched, and no-CDed. The server that these files are on has a 2Gb per day bandwidth allowance, so rather than post the download links here, I'm putting them in the Links section of the Yahoo Imp_list group, where they are available to list members.

A world map for Imp 1...

Thanks to Dr Spet, there is now a world map for Imp 1. He has also provided three scenarios using the map. They are all available from the Yahoo Group's files section. (You'll need to join the group to access the page.) The map and scenarios were created using Tygger's MapCreator utilities, which are also available for download from another folder in the files area.

Project: Imperial Agenda
Sep. 05. There is a project devoted to creating a new game. More information at the Imperial Agenda section of the forum.

Thread of the week
Thoughts on how to win Imp2 on 400

New Imp2 map key
Danea - England - 8 provinces, good food, 10 iron, 3 coal, distributed so that 2 upgraded towns will produce steel if you don't put your capital in those provinces. 4 copper, 4 tin distributed so that one upgraded town will produce bronze if you don't put your capital in that province. If you locate your capital in the best food province, you will lose the bronze and one steel produced by upgraded towns. The New World has good riches, including 7 furs. 4 provinces in the south have 1 fur each. 1 province in the north has 3 furs. --- Portugal has good resources, also, including a province that will produce bronze. A few other Great Powers also look like good possibilities.
-- from Paul Kenkel.

Imp1 Scenario Utilities
Tyggermeltdown has created a set of utilities for use in creating Imp 1 scenarios: MapCreator, MapEditor, ProvinceChanger and RailWriter. For details and downloads, see the Imp 1 page.

Imp1 manual added to downloads
A pdf of the Imp1 manual has been added to the downloads. It's not original; it's a scan, from the Underdogs Imp1 page.

Imp for Civ players
Androrc has a thread on CivFanatics, about a full Imperialism mod for Civ3 that he is working on. Also, Sipahi has put up a Civ3 map inspired by the Imp layout.

Those of us who play this game know just how good it is. If you haven't encountered it before, here are a couple of extracts from reviews of the most recent release, ver. II. There's plenty more reading either here on these pages, and at the other end of the links collected here. Or just download the demo, and enjoy subjugating those around you...

"The period spanning the 16th through the 19th centuries featured a handful of European countries fighting for control of the continent, called the Old World, as well as racing to claim undiscovered lands in the New World. Imperialism 2 puts you in control of one of these great powers in a wide variety of scenarios that test your skills of resource management, production, trade, diplomacy and military strategy. You can spend your fortunes developing research that gives you a competitive advantage in the marketplace or build massive forces that will squash in one fell swoop those who oppose you. The path to victory is yours to choose." -- from The Adrenaline Vault review.

It may be the old version, but there are many, myself included, who say that it had something that Imp2 didn't. The differences between Imp1 and Imp2 are listed here, on Frog City's old Imp2 pages. Here's the Daily's Imp1 page.

"The world in Imp 2 is split into the Old World and the New World. The Old World begins mapped out, with Major Powers and Minor Powers. You play the part of ruler of a Major Power, your goal being to win over provinces in other Major Power or Minor Power nations to your Empire, the first Power to own over half the provinces in the Old World being the winner. Each nation generally comprises three to six provinces, each of which can be conquered by force or won over as part of a whole nation by more peaceful persuasion. Such persuasion involves diplomacy, trade, and, quite frequently, offering military aid." -- from the GamesDomain review.

"If you stick with the game, and learn how all the product relationships interact with each other, along with learning the proper diplomatic overtures and the best way to exploit the New World, you will find Imperialism II to be a very engrossing game. It's a lot like learning to ride your bike. At first, it was a lot of trouble and you wanted to forget the idea. Yet when you finally learned how to ride, you realized that the time spent was worth the trouble. If you're looking for a good strategy game it's time to hop on to Imperialism II: The Age of Exploration" -- PC Gameworld


Full version (57Mb)*
Patch (1.03)
No CD patch (for 1.03)
Manual (pdf)

Tech Tree (pdf)

Full version (41 Mb)*
Manual (pdf)

Full version (130Mb)*
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downloads (other than
the full versions, which
are direct) require
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* The full versions of
all 3 games are
fully patched, noCD,
and don't need
installation - just unzip.
To help conserve
server bandwidth,
the links are not
here, but are on the
Links page of
the Yahoo
Imp_List group.


How to lose,
in one easy lesson
by Henri A.

"As usual, I played the game after only a quick scanning of the readme and none of the manual. I got my ass kicked on the easy level. Here is how I did it.
       First I chose a country (Holland in the default screen) with only two forest squares; this ensured that I would be short of lumber for a long time. Then I upgraded my workers as fast as I could, despite having none of the luxuries that advanced workers need, which ensured that more than half of my labor force would be refusing to work for most of the game.
       Then I concentrated on developing advances for my resource tiles, unmindful of the fact that my primitive road network was unable to carry the additional resources created.
       Being short of wood, I could not afford to build more ships, which ensured that after I had found some New World resources, I would not have enough cargo space to bring back the resources that became available. As early as I could, I built an army which I kept at home doing nothing, since I could
not spare ships to take them abroad early in the game, which helped to keep my food supply low. I also paid little attention to diplomacy, which contributed to various shortages when I could not buy the resources that I needed. I sold paper and textiles as fast as I could produce them, so that when I needed to buy workers, I was usually missing something.I didn't keep any food in reserve, so that some of my workers died regularly from starvation; this is a refined technique known as balancing the food and labor supplies...
       Late in the game, when I was still struggling with a labor force most of which was on strike and a measly army of weak units, most major forces ganged up on Sweden, which was the most powerful power and my neighbor; I succeeded to temporarily take a couple of their territories, but sooon found myself defending against a much stronger army.
       Finally everyone noticed that I was a pushover, so they all ganged up on me and soon it was curtains.
       You too can lose on the easy level, if you make all the right moves... ;>)


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