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The Official Strategy Guide (book)
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World map scenarios are available from the Yahoo ImpList file section.

Tyggermeltdown's Imp 1 scenario utilities
MapCreator -- Create new Imperialism I maps from bitmaps
MapEditor -- Edit Imperialism I maps cell by cell
ProvinceChanger -- Change a province from one country to another.
RailWriter -- Edit rail lines on Imperialism I maps, cell by cell

To compile the text file that MapCreator builds, you will also need
ImpEdit v2. This zip includes two simple programs; compile.exe and decomp.exe, plus simple documentation, that allows for relatively easy modification of the scenarios that come with Imperialism.
Help in using these utilities can be found on either the Yahoo group or the forum.

The following downloads are older:

Ottoman scenario. Written by Cymruwarrior, of the EU2 forums. Its based on the recovery of France Scenario, so it begins in 1820, and you'll have to select Turkey of course. Things he changed: 1) Added one extra defensive cannon, and possible an infantry unit, to each border province in the Balkans, the double effect of strengthening the border, and boosting your military rating with other powers, but leaving you to build your own offensive force later on. 2) Increased industrial production capacity somewhat in the capital, again, to slightly boost Turkeys rating more than anything else (he was wary of Turkey appearing too weak so as to have all the other countries goble you up in the begining). 3) Incresed numbers of resources, coal, iron, steel, possible a few other things too, maybe paper. 4) increased the freindship/diplomacy rating with Morocco and N. Africa. This was because he intended for Turkey to (re?)capture Egypt, but didn't want relations to suffer with the Maghareb states too much after DWing on Egypt. You should be able to remain freindly enough with both to make them your colonies before France does (he tested this, but its something that can perhaps be toned down slightly, to make it more of a challenge). 4) Given Turkey loads of cash, too much, he meant to find out a lower number that gives you just enough without it being too easy, but forgot it, so here you have too much cash (another thing that idealy would be fixed to make it more of a challenge).

The Great War. WW1 scenario. Provided by Cymruwarrior.

Holland Allard H.S., an Apolytoner, created this scenario in which Holland is a Great Power! Modified it so it works a little better, but it is still a challenge. No you can not switch great powers using ImpEdit!

Country Switcher A program that switchs nations from minor to great powers. Unfortunately, if the minor nation has its capital's port at the end of a river that goes through other countries, you can't get stuff from your other ports.

Spain -scenario wherein Spain replaces Sardinia. Improvements have been made to the map so that you can overcome the problem with the ports. Unzips as s7.*

Imp1 map coordinate spreadsheet Ideally this Excel spreadsheet would have the coordinates of all the cities and resources on the Imperialism map. It doesn't. But it does have the coordinate values for the places, and given those coordinates you can find the coordinate values of spaces around them. (This makes no sense to me at all, but it might be of interest to someone... /dminoz)

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Imperialism I (CD) on Amazon.


Full version (57Mb)*
Patch (1.03)
No CD patch (for 1.03)
Manual (pdf)

Tech Tree (pdf)

Full version (41 Mb)*
Manual (pdf)

Full version (130Mb)*
Most of these
downloads (other than
the full versions, which
are direct) require
a Fileplanet login.

* The full versions of
all 3 games are
fully patched, noCD,
and don't need
installation - just unzip.
To help conserve
server bandwidth,
the links are not
here, but are on the
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"But, in the end, the damn thing is so addicting that I just played and played, when I should have been writing this review. The AI is good and aggressive, and Internet play appears stable. The most striking thing is the way all the disparate elements integrate and interplay, coming together in one fluid gaming experience that empire wonks will find a refreshing change of pace." - Gamespot


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