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Imperial Agenda
Frog City have on several occasions ruled out another game in the Imperialism series. There are, however, a lot of people who would like to see an Imp3. If you have some sort of relevant skill in programming, graphics or research, and an interest in Imperialism -- visit the Imperial Agenda section of the forum, and join in.

dminoz's Imp3 ideas page
spiros' Imp3 ideas page
spiros' Imp tech tree list

On the likelihood of Imp3 coming from Frog City...

Note: the following quote from Bill Speith regarding the issues surrounding Imp3 mentions that there are legal impediments to Frog City publishing a new Imp title. However, things have changed since Bill wrote this; UbiSoft, who ended "owning" the Imp name, have let the Trademark lapse. As of August, 2005, it is not owned by anyone.

"Personally, I'd like to design and help develop Imperialism 3. I see three roadblocks to overcome before this project could get underway.

1) Frog City, so far, has been a one product at a time development house. Right now we are quite busy. This moves the potential Imp3 project into the future into a time when Frog City expands or has no other project going on.

2) Frog City and Gathering/Take 2 do not have the rights to publish a game with the name Imperialism 3. These rights are held by the legal successors of the publisher of Imperialism 1 and 2.

3) To obtain a financial and marketing/sales go-ahead on this kind of project there would have to be a showing that either:

a) a traditional somewhat intellectual strategy game can appeal to a large number of people (much larger than would be indicated by sales of Imp 1 and 2) -or-

b) That Imperialism 3 could be made very cheaply to appeal to a niche hardcore gamer audience.

c) Imperialism 3 is designed as a totally different sort of game. Fast-paced, 3D, and real-time are the buzz words that might gain attention.

The final roadblock is actually the most significant. I'd strongly prefer to design a sequel that is true to its precursors. On the other hand, I don't believe a good, deep, strategy game can be made on a tiny budget. So that leaves us with the idea of proving the vialbility of a more or less traditional strategy game in the mass market. In my experience this is a hard sell.
       All this said, I'd love to work on the game and I appreciate the interest of those gamers who remain dedicated to Imp1 and Imp2.

Bill Spieth
Lead Game Designer
Frog City


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Who can argue?

"When you consider how popular games like
Civilization have become, I have to think that there's market potential for an Imperialism III, given the right approach to a broader audience." - ng article

Dang, but Imperialism II is a good game. What exactly do we have to do to get any hope of an Imperialism III (ideally, with more minor powers and the ability for a minor power to become major -- as, for example, Prussia did -- or for a major power to be knocked down to the minor leagues)? ... I know, it's probably hopeless, but... ah well. - ng article

I'd like to have an Imperialism III - one that covered the entire world. After all, the Europeans just weren't active in America - there were colonies in Africa, India, SE Asia, the coast of China, etc. I'd love to play a game where I could try and recreate the British domination of North America _and_ India, or set up global trading stations as the Portuguese or Dutch. One where trade and/or alliances could play as big a role as mililtary prowess. - ng article


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