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Keith Bennett ( has done something that many of us had feared was impossible: he's created an Imp2 map editor. This effort should get him a knighthood or something. This is a very early version, and Keith is interested in your feedback, bug reports, and suggestions.

To download: got to the FILES section of the Implist Yahoo Group, and look for the file named

The following are some notes from Keith:

* Maps containing out-of-bounds country, province, terrain, material, river data will likely cause Imp2 to crash.

* Provinces have a hard limit of 32 tiles total (including the town).
Anything more than this will eventually cause Imp2 to crash.

* Major Powers whose capital rivers are not sovereign (that is, the
river remains in that country's tiles for its entirety) *could* cause
Imp2 to crash. I've received inconsistent results with this, so it
might not be the case. Minor Powers rivers do *NOT* have to be
sovereign. I haven't tested whether or not multiple powers can share a
capital river, so your mileage may vary there too.

* The left-half of the map *should* be empty ocean with all data being
"255 - undefined" so that Imp2 can randomly generate the New World
data. Having non-empty tiles there could cause Imp2 to crash. It would
be wise to give yourself a few columns of space as well.

* There is probably another upper boundary hard limit of *total*
number of non-ocean tiles, but I haven't determined what it is. I
would guess it's approximately 2048. Again, your mileage may vary.


and more notes from Keith:

Imp2edit works with a point and click interface. Just as there are 5
different map files (Terrain, Countries, Provinces, Minerals, and
Rivers), there are 5 different things you can edit. You select which
one you are currently editing by using the palette window.

I have, for the most part, tried to make some of the more obvious
things get displayed in the Warnings window.

Ocean tiles must have no associated country (so set each ocean's
country to 255 - Ocean), no associated province (again, 255 -
Undefined), no associated mineral (again, 255 - Ocean) and either a
river tile or no associated river (0 - River or 255 - Undefined).

You can edit both the Country and the Province data simultaneously by
editing the Countries: the countries will be listed in the middle
drop-down menu, while that country's valid provinces will be listed in
the bottom drop-down menu. You can manually set provinces to an
invalid (eg, it will almost surely make Imperialism II crash)
combination by selecting the Provinces from the editing drop-down

You can also edit the Terran and the Minerals data simultaneously by
editing the Terrain: the terrain will be listed in the middle
drop-down menu, while the selected terrain's valid mineral
combinations will be listed in the bottom drop-down menu. You can
manually set minerals to an invalid (again, crash) combination by
selecting the Minerals from the editing drop-down menu.

For the most part, you should ignore _NewWorldHills,
_NewWorldMountains, and Capital. I haven't found any situation where
they would crash. In fact, they aren't even used in the "default"
Euro1500 scenario.

If you want to place a capital city, you should simply place a Town
(#13) and then make sure that the province in which the town resides
is 0. All countries' province with a 0 value is their "capital" province.

The game WILL crash under the following situations:
* If ANY province has more than 32 tiles
* If ANY tile has an invalid country / province combination
* Having one riversource lead to another riversource can and usually
does crash the game.
* A province with multiple town tiles will crash the game.
* A province with NO town tiles will crash the game.
* A capital town with no adjacent ocean tile and no river will crash the game.

The game MAY crash under the following situations, your mileage may vary:
* If any "capital" river is not sovereign (that is, the province-0
town to which it is attached has no adjacent ocean square and the
river runs through foreign tiles).
* If any province is not contiguous (that is, multiple islands
belonging to a single province)
* Having tight ocean spaces can sometimes lead to crashes.
* Lakes might crash the game (probably something to do with the
pathfinding AI for ships)
* While having an isolated capital port (a capital port that goes into
a lake) might be unique, it might also crash your game.
* A river not ending in an ocean square could crash.
* Forked rivers are NOT SUPPORTED. They could crash the game. At the very least, I'm not sure which fork the game will render!
* I have never tried assigning any New World countries on any map.
That might crash the game.

There's probably a lot more different circumstances that can make your
game crash.

FYI: having New World terrain and minerals in the Old World will NOT
crash your game. You simply won't be able to set up level 1 camps at
them until you've scouted them out in the New World. For example, you
can place a Desert with Diamonds in the Old World. Since the Old World is automagically scouted for you at the start of the game, you will
know where it is, who has it, and how to get it. However, once your
country owns the tile, you still will not be able to construct a
Diamond Mine on it until you have scouted a Desert with Diamonds or a
Mountains with Gems in the New World.

I suggest you back up your default Euro1500 folder and then mess
around with that scenario first. Once you've gotten the hang of what
will, what might, and what won't crash the game... then a foray into
the unknown has a better chance of being solved.


Full version (57Mb)*
Patch (1.03)
No CD patch (for 1.03)
Manual (pdf)

Tech Tree (pdf)

Full version (41 Mb)*
Manual (pdf)

Full version (130Mb)*
Most of these
downloads (other than
the full versions, which
are direct) require
a Fileplanet login.

* The full versions of
all 3 games are
fully patched, noCD,
and don't need
installation - just unzip.
To help conserve
server bandwidth,
the links are not
here, but are on the
Links page of
the Yahoo
Imp_List group.


"Games with a good, innovative design are few and far between, and tend to belong to big names like Sid Meier. Imperialism 2 is, albeit at the second attempt, proof that relative unknowns like Frog City can come up trumps. We can only hope that their next game (rumoured to not be a third colonisation game) will be evidence of their continuing learning process. While many designers focus on dazzling us with 3D graphics and real-time action, it's good to see strong games like Imp 2 showing what can be done with a bit of original thought and experience." -- Games Domain

"I play almost exclusively turn-based strategy games, and I find Imperialism II to be one of the most balanced games I've ever played, and therefore one of the most enjoyable. The scope is right - it feels like you have to do the right things, and the effort involved in accomplishing things is in the correct proportion to how important it is. I very much enjoyed the first Imperialism, and found the sequel to be an improvement in almost every way." -- K. Thomas


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