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The following is from Kevin Allegood

To start off, build 2 more explorers, 2 spies (you might have to make paper for this). Sent all but one of your ships around to explore the new world. Disband any military unit but knights (whatever they're called, the first level of lancers) and one unit of archers. Send your explorers to explore your home territory first. Set your merchants to buying horses if you don't have them or can't develop them quickly (you're going to need a total of 12). Start researching the techs to get lancers, and don't spend money on any other research until later on.

You want to build roads and resources to get iron and wood first, as it's easy to get stuck, unable to build roads and mines. This is less important at easy levels, but at the harder levels your stockpile runs out very quickly. You want to plan out where your engineer will put the early roads.

I avoid trading early on unless I really need something, I don't try to diplomatically influence minors and you can run short on cash pretty easily. Build up your population to what your food supplies can support but concentrate on resources (not food) to start off.

Once you've found your basic home resources, send your explorers off to look for cash provinces. Diamonds are the best, then gems. Gold and silver are OK, and I don't bother with spices unless I have no luck with the other money makers. Once you develop lancers, invade the new world. Money is the most important thing, you want to secure any diamonds and gems as quickly as you can. You'll want a capital by your 3rd or 4th province at the latest (you need the money, and a free port is nice). Once you've got a money base, look for resources; a capital with 4 wood hexes is great (you can get lumber for free once you've developed 4) and look for spaces that will work well once you can develop your cities. Take big swaths of native land (I usually get most of 2-3 native nations), it's pretty easy to do and the reosurces come in handy.

To invade natives, first land with 3 lancers on a non-capital province, then move your 4th lancers and bowmen in, then start sweeping as fast as your money will let you. You want to kill all of the natives, not just make them retreat as retreaters will end up fighting you again later. When fighting, pull all of your units back to your edge of the screen and wait for the natives to approach; this gives you much more time to kill off retreating units.

After you've got a real income, start researching in earnest. You shouldn't be too far behind the CPs since your spies and free research help you catch up. You want to push for horse artillery, but other techs are good too. Spies come in handy for rapid research. Don't bother with improved workers until you get to the tobacco level, sugar guys aren't really any more efficient than ordinary workers since they have to transport cane and make it into sugar.

All along you should be developing your infrastructure, once you've got money coming in and something like 4 wood 2 iron 2 bronze 2 wool 1 paper every turn you've passed the first real milestone and will be able to expand rapidly, with an engineer and 2 builders constantly building infrastucture, an engineer building forts, and the capabilty to add more men and ships. Wait for galleons before building up your navy if you can, they're the best buy early on (good carrying capacity and good military strength).

Don't bother building up your land army until horse artillery, once you get it then build 4 horse artillery and some supporting cast (enough to get a general). You can now start seizing European minors and you want to start seizing any which have borders with you. Run all of your units up to just out of range, then rush your artillery in (one of them will take a hit) and shoot up the cannon, and move your other units forward. You can race through everything but the capital this way, at the capital wait for your units to heal up before attacking as they will make a last stand. Don't fight majors until later unless they're getting beaten up on and have high-value provinces. The best time to fight majors is when you're a military tech level ahead, you can waltz through their forces. On the defence, sticking one or two units in a fort dramatically improves its fighting ability - the AI will blow a hole in the wall, then send a horse unit to kill the gun if there's no other unit, but even a wimpy little footman will make this attack fail.

Diplomatically, I don't bother with much. If someone not at war offers me an alliance then I'll take it for protection, but won't help them if they get attacked. At higher levels, I don't see any reason to bother with minor diplomacy (the AIs get such a huge advantage, it's much cheaper and quicker to invade), and native diplomacy is just a big money sink. As long as you leave natives around for the CPs to pick on and build some filler units if you get the 'this guy has more than twice as many soldiers' message, you should be able to avoid wars until you've got horse artillery.

Also, here are some map seeds that I pulled from the newsgroup years back. These can give you a better start if you're having bad luck on random maps, or if you want to pick out a certain kind of game:

(The following map keys came from Hakan Dogan, Daniel Ban, Markus Tamminen and CraiginNJ)

Warning -- some of these may be Imp1 map seeds; while you'll get a result by using them in Imp2, it might not be what you expect. :-) or :-( as the case may be...

Abarfellally - Sweden - Good resources, dangerous position at high levels. (Holland and Spain are also interesting.)

Swergingeth - Holland - 11 provinces, good resources.

Rhurowys - Holland - Great food supply close to good capital place. Good other resources. On continent with 3 MN and no other GP.

dagreat - Spain - 2 MN adjacent, New World diamonds to the East.

Tenardarthyr - Sweden - Sweden has good resources and shares an island with 2 minors. Aztec capital has 2 diamond mines. Inca capital has two gold mines. Near the Maya capital are gold and gems.

manstabee - England - 8 provinces, 5MN on the island, no other GP on the island. All the resourses you will need except for tin. Note the lower case "m" in "manstabee"

Tilgate Forest - Holland - 8 provinces, good food/raw materials, 3 horse ranches.

Tilgate Forest - France - Great food/raw material suply, 3 horse ranches.

Sk - None - Whole map is one big island.

Strategic Simulations Inc - France - Good resources, 3MN connected directly, 2MP connected directly.

Rhymnanunally - Portugal - Excellent island location -- lots of resources.

gravity - Spain - Excellent resources on a Continent with five minor powers and two weaker major powers. Note the lower case "g" in "gravity"

Caergansan - Portugal - 9 provinces, decent food/resources. 4 MN on same continent (along with 3 GP, unfortunately). Malinalco has gems and 2 diamonds.

Nabagh - Sweden - 3 adjacent MN, balanced resources.

Naerda - Sweden - 5 adjacent MN. Other nations on islands or with 1 MN adjacent.

Inga - France - Capital can be placed to cover 8 or 9 food resource squares (3 grain, 5 water, 1 meat or 3 grain, 3 water, 2 meat)

Panddos Mumrys - Holland - Good resources, lots of coal and iron near, and 4 minors

Swonag - Sweden - The capital of Sweden can be placed so that it covers five grain farms, one open range, and sits on a river. Sweden shares a continent with three minors. The continent has more than the usual number of provinces that will benefit from town growth. There were not any special targets in the new world, but here are some likely targets that were reasonably good: Aztecs, Pueblo, Huron, and Iroquios.

Iyauginanny - Sweden - 17, yes 17, provinces

Llallaey Ath - Sweden - Balanced Resources, 2 Neighbor MN, Running Bear and Detroit have Diamonds and Gems

Ceaff - Sweden - Good resource supply

Rharthestes - Spain - Good resource supply

Igea - Portugal - Only 3 horse ranches in whole map. 2 of them in Portugal, one in Germany. Whole map is one big island.

Sontin - England with 8 iron 3 coal and many hardwood and scrub forests, as well as some cotton and wool, all easily accesible. Play the red country.

I know of two with decent balanced resources and a good amount of timber --- Kidasticks and Hothor -- in one you should pick the light blue color and in the other you should pick red (I cannot recall which is which) -- I have one on Hard with Kidasticks and on Nigh on Impossible with Hothor- - Good Luck :)

Triltettum (notice the t after the l) - This map has a truckload of minerals.Pink - Loads of coal DBlue- Good mix of coal/iron LBlue- Truckloads of iron

frogcity - play the green country it has around 10 iron sites and 5 coal.


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