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totem of remote casting

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" The totem of remote casting is cast as a fixture on the landscape.
It is as a point for casting spells as if it was a substitute wizard. The wizard's mana is consumed in the normal way, but the totem allows a wizard to extend his area of influence."

Alignment: Neutral.

deceptively dangerous to enemy
too defenceless

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tips and tactics

using totem of remote casting

Together with an offensive weapon such as fireball, dragon's breath, lightning, meteor shower or fire elemental, a well placed ToRC can act like a turret.
If you keep your eye in the vacinity of the totem, and spot the enemy , you can explicitly fire off a spell (weapon) from it's location, before the enemy even realises there's a danger...

defeating totem of remote casting

Like the others totems of resurrection, light and life , the physical structure takes relatively little damage before safetly imploding.

Also, totems do not see. Therefore, an enemy will not know if you are near their totem, unless they are specifically watching it.

alternative spell choices

The Totem of Remote Casting is as unique as your wizard.

The spell ingredient saphire can produce the spells:
  • fire elemental,
  • totem of remote casting and
  • judgement.

  • ingredient


    These spells are top end of the market, and are all very powerful.
    The Totem of Remote Casting facilitates a more landscape/'posession of POPS ' approach to the game, wearing the opponent down by starving him of mana. Apocalpyse is a massively damaging spell, but since it has a perfect equal in meteor shower, judgement is the spell of choice for saphire. It is still a huge effect but discriminatory - a wizard can stand in the middle of the effect while all around him chaos creatures bite the dust.

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