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totem of guarding a.k.a. "earth elemental"

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" Cast on a location, this causes a totem to be immediately built. This "earth elemental" is a huge rock creature consisting of a base and humanoid upper torso, that erupts from the ground at the target location.
The totem of guarding cannot 'move'. Once summoned, it will remain rooted to a spot until an enemy creature comes into range activating it to attack with large fists, punching and smashing them."
Alignment: Neutral

very damaging
too weak in defence
adds to creature count
can't move

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tips and tactics

using totem of guarding

This is an ideal creature to defend an area. Earth Elementals can be attacked and destroyed, but they are heavily armoured and take a lot of damage to destroy them. They are a great defence for important locations such as places of power.

defeating totem of guarding

Totems of guarding are ironically extremely vunerable.
Since they are essentially a powerful creature with no legs, they can easily be dispatched with projectile weapons from a safe distance.
elves, spiders, faeries, dwarf boar riders, all have projectile weapons suitable for the job. Likewise fireball, lightning, meteor shower, dragon's breath. The list goes on!

alternative spell choices

The totem of guarding is similar to any creature when static, but one of a large attack strength such as a mountain giant or demon.

The spell ingredient silver can produce the spells:
  • totem of resurrection,
  • totem of guarding and
  • griffin.

  • ingredient


    The quality and diversity of the talisman possibilities makes this a tough spell choice. Despite the power of the totem of resurrection, each incarnation still takes up a valuable creature control limit place, as does the totem of guarding. Griffin does likewise, but allows for a more mobile battle, and thus summon griffin is the spell of most note here

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