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The day is here. EB v1.0 is released!!

Saturday, January 13th, 2007

The famous EB mod for Rome: Total War has been released.  This is the 1.0 version, whereas previous versions were all betas. To quote from their release:

“The day is here. EB v1.0 is released!!

A complete list of mirrors can be found on our website’s . We strongly recommend people to use BitTorrent or ED2K to download EB to conserve bandwidth, but also as torrent provides better transfer speeds.”

We need you!

Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

General News Correspondent 

Total War Chronicles is searching for new Staff members to cover Total War in its entirety.  An emphasis will be placed on your ability to sort through various community forums and sites for news of third-party modifications and developments.  Furthermore, we expect you to be comfortable working alone as well as in a small team setting, and have some consistency in activity.

Low-level Graphic Designer

Total War Chronicles is in need of low-level graphic designers to help with the day-to-day affairs of our featured news, unit databases, warcry community spotlights, etc..  Keep in mind — warcry, is an item of the former site, which is being remade for the new site and wont be available for awhile.  Low proficiency in Photoshop or similar graphics design software is required.


Please direct all staff applications to

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The current site is in-development

Tuesday, January 9th, 2007

We are currently in-progress of developing the new Total War site, the initial generic-site release will be within the month, and a follow-up upgrade at some point will include a new Total War themed design.

Till then, you can watch the progress as it happens. Keep in mind, while we’re in the process of molding various facets of the site into our own specific needs, there will be moments when things might cease to work on the site, which is perfectly normal.

Forum Thread about this development can be found, here.

Thank you,
Direction Sabin



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Europa Barbarorum’s Easter Preview

Tuesday, January 9th, 2007

There is a nice Easter update posted today over at the Europa Barbarorum’s mod forum. Take a look:

Greetings Europa Barbarorum fans.

Easter is upon us, so we thought we’d beat the Easter Bunny this year when it comes to presents with a unit preview. The following units will be in the next build, which we are working on at a steady pace. And oh…we’ve also selected five new additional factions for EB2

Europa Barbarorum Easter Unit Preview #01 Europa Barbarorum Easter Unit Preview #02 Europa Barbarorum Easter Unit Preview #04

You can read more of this preview here.

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Medieval II Update 1.2 Released

Friday, January 5th, 2007

Sega has released patch 1.2 for Medieval 2: Total War, and resolves various problems in the game.

The following information was posted later in this thread by Brendan Rogers at CA Oz:

I just wanted to emphasize that you will need to re-install Medieval2 and then patch directly to 1.2 if you have done any of the following:

- Modified your files in ANY way. And I mean ANY way, even the smallest change to a text file, revert it or be safe if you can’t remember, re-install and patch straight to 1.2
- Installed a mod
- Installed the leaked 1.2 patch (Though there are reports it works ok)
- Unpacked the data files for modding through the unpacker

English Mirrors:

Strategy Informer

German Mirrors:

French Mirrors:

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