Dec 1996 to Mar 1997 - Team is formed and name LightSpeed! MotorSports is decided upon. Logos are designed and web page is posted. Jim Gear joins the team.

Apr 1997 to Sep 1997 - Team LightSpeed! sponsors Matt Merciez in league racing. LightSpeed! is one of the first teams to be registered on Cyber Racing Sports Center. Team acquires its own domain and posts over 100 tested setups on website.
Oct 1997 to Mar 1998 - Team is selected as closed beta testers for NROS and to run in OSCAR top division. Setup page is awarded "best collection of set-ups any racer can find" by Cyber Racing Sport Center. Matt Merciez gains team membership.
Mar 1998 to Sep 1999 - LightSpeed! obtains sponsorship from Thomas Enterprises (TSW) and website is selected as Daytona News site of the week (Jun 7, 1998). All four members enter sanctioned NROS tournament and Matt Merciez makes the finals in the Pro division. Scott Stutsman and Bob James join as new members.
Oct 1999 to Jan 2000 -  Curt Lohr, Tannice Hunter, Steve Zaker, Dan Soltys, and Brian Simpson join the team. Team hosts the LightSpeed! Invitational Series. Bob Stanley and Matt Merciez beta test NASCAR Racing 3, Expansion Pack, and NASCAR Legends. Bob Stanley continues to develop and post setups on the team's webpage. Site gets an update by co-webmasters Matt Merciez and Curt Lohr.
Feb 2000 to Dec 2001 - Team LightSpeed! closes the Invitational Series after hosting sessions to introduce 43 drivers to online racing. Curt Lohr opens a painters competition, the LightSpeed Showcase, and awards eleven rounds of winners. 50 painters enter submissions in round eleven. Bob Stanley, Matt Merciez, and Brian Simpson beta test NASCAR Racing 4 and Team LightSpeed! is recognized in the game's manual. Doug Arnao and Nim Cross join the team. A setup exchange is added to the website, allowing visitors to upload and download setups. Bob Stanley publishes additional setups for NASCAR Racing 4. Brian Simpson opens the N4 gallery, showing off his talents and publishing his templates for download.
Jan 2001 to Mar 2002 - NASCAR Racing 2002 Season ships and Team LightSpeed! members Brian Simpson (2D art & beta tester), Bob Stanley (beta tester), Matt Merciez (beta tester), and Nim Cross (beta tester) are recognized in the manual for their efforts. Link to Team LightSpeed! is published as well. Bob Stanley continues to publish setups to the website. Brian Simpson opens the NR2002 Car Gallery and publishes updated templates. Team LightSpeed! is accepted as an affiliate of the GameSpy network and becomes a SportPlanet member. Domain name changes and the sites gets a new facelift. The LightSpeed Showcase closes its doors after 16 rounds of competition.
Apr 2002 to present - Team welcomes new members Jon Nelson, Craig Williams, Jay Pappas, Terry Wagoner, and Jim Eglund. NASCAR Racing 2003 Season is released, with members Bob Stanley, Nim Cross, Jon Nelson, and Brian Simpson contributing to the effort. Brian Simpson opens the NR2003 Paintshop and again releases his templates. Project Wildfire draws the interest on several Team LightSpeed! members and they contribute to all aspects of the project. The website gets another facelift.
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  Team LightSpeed! was formed in December 1996 and although members have come and gone, the philosophy of the team hasn't changed. Because of our love of this sport, we want to do all we can to help in the promotion and advancement of it.
  We are not a profit organization seeking membership, an organization that is officially affiliated with any other Internet site, team, or organization, real or fictional, or organization which promotes itself for the purposes of commercial gain.
  Team LightSpeed! knows that derogatory comments towards others in the  community are not healthy for the growth of online racing.