2002 Setup Guide, Word version (80 kb) - Written by Rodney Arndt and Bob Stanley, this is the most comprehensive setup guide for NASCAR Racing 2002 Season on the planet! Updated from the 2001 version with new sections on roll couple and qualifying chassis adjustments.
2002 Setup Guide, Adobe Acrobat version (292 kb)
Building a Race Setup From Scratch (7 kb)- Written by Bob Stanley, this guide helps answer the question, "where do I start if I want to build my own setups?".
NR2002S Chassis Setup Theories (10 kb) - Bob Stanley brings to light some of the differences in the chassis setup between NASCAR Racing 4 and NASCAR Racing 2002. He also provides some additional insight on things he's learned about setting up a simulated stockcar.
Setup building tools - Designed as compliments to the setup guides.
Setup Sheet (2 kb)
Tire Temperature Sheet (96 kb)
NASCAR Racing Driving Guide (580 kb) - Written by Bob Stanley based on what he learned during beta testing for NASCAR Racing 4, the driving guide gives driving theory and tips for online racers. Topics range from racing balance, tire science/management, pit strategy, and testing.
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  Team LightSpeed! was formed in December 1996 and although members have come and gone, the philosophy of the team hasn't changed. Because of our love of this sport, we want to do all we can to help in the promotion and advancement of it.
  We are not a profit organization seeking membership, an organization that is officially affiliated with any other Internet site, team, or organization, real or fictional, or organization which promotes itself for the purposes of commercial gain.
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