Bob Stanley  For most of us, Bob Stanley is Team LightSpeed having co-founded the team with Eric Aldhizer in December 1996 and has been contributing to the sport in various roles ever since. Some of what he's given back includes working as a beta tester in almost every NASCAR Racing title, publishing guides, and publishing setups. Since his initial days on HAWAII where he earned a 12 skill level, Bob's continued to build a wealth of online racing experience and has raced with a multitude of online leagues. He calls Chesapeake, Virginia his home.

Curt Lohr  Serves as the webmaster for Team LightSpeed and has been a member since May 2000. Curt started online racing in 1999 and cut his teeth racing on TEN as C_Buckeye and has raced in various leagues (MARS, OSCAR, FASCAR, SASCAR, TARA, SRIL). In addition to working on the website and forum, he also worked with the LightSpeed Invitational Series, the LightSpeed Showcase, and paints (CAL Designs). Curt is married with three children and is originally from Columbus, Ohio.

Tannice Hunter  Has been a member of Team LightSpeed since January  2001 and served as a board moderator prior to being offered team membership. She comes to us by way of Kelowna, British Columbia and has been simulation racing since late 1999 (NASCAR Racing 3). Although Tannice doesn't currently race in a full time schedule, she's fond of racing on the board servers and in a guest role in several leagues.

Brian Simpson  If you've spent anytime painting schemes, you've most likely benefited from Brian Simpson's template work. Additionally, he's contributed as a texture artist and as a beta tester for a string of Papyrus titles dating back to NASCAR Racing 4 . Brian is also an accomplished simulation racer, racing online since January 1996. Although originally from West Palm Beach, he now resides in Okeechobee, Florida and has been a Team LightSpeed member since January 2001.

Jon Nelson  Although Jon Nelson is a recent addition to Team LightSpeed, he's been a part of our family since 1999 working as a news reporter, racing the Invitational Series, and as a board moderator before being offered membership. He's been online racing since early 1999 and has a wealth of league racing experience. Jon' s currently spending time with Virtual Racing World (VRW)  and worked as a beta tester for NASCAR Racing 2003 Season. Jon lives in Portland, Oregon.

Terry Wagoner  Terry has been a board member for several years and was a Team Member in 2002. After a brief absence, he has returned in 2004 to become an active team member, moderator, and jack of all trades. He has a good working knowledge of computers and enjoys helping board members with their computer/sim problems. Terry and his wife Millie will be celebrating their 39th wedding anniversary this year and they reside in Dundee, Oregon.

Jim Egyud  Jim is originally from Long Island, grew up in Pittsburgh, and now races out of Stafford, VA. He has been a regular board member since early 2002 and a team member since July of 2003. Although Jim has only been racing online for 2 years, he's won three league championships, a few runners-up, and served as president of the Thursday Night Challenge Series. Currently, Jim serves as a Project Wildfire beta tester and races regularly in FBRL, CRSOL Cup, and ATKAY. He is also a co-owner of HTI Racing, which originally formed as a team to develop new online racing talent. Jim has been married for 12 years and thanks his awesome wife Karen for letting him spend so much time in the community.

Jay Pappas  Member since 2002. Biography pending
Craig Williams  Member since 2002. Biography pending
Chris Rosado  Member since 2002. Biography pending
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  Team LightSpeed! was formed in December 1996 and although members have come and gone, the philosophy of the team hasn't changed. Because of our love of this sport, we want to do all we can to help in the promotion and advancement of it.
  We are not a profit organization seeking membership, an organization that is officially affiliated with any other Internet site, team, or organization, real or fictional, or organization which promotes itself for the purposes of commercial gain.
  Team LightSpeed! knows that derogatory comments towards others in the  community are not healthy for the growth of online racing.