23 Apr 2004: The US Pits has released a mod for NASCAR Racing 2003 Season that celebrates one of the most exciting periods of NASCAR's history, the 1988 Aerowars. Duke it out in the sleek Ford Thunderbird, Chevy Monte Carlo, or Pontiac Grand Prix in a time when manufactures realized that building cars specifically to win on Sunday resulted in more car sales on Monday.

The mod is available for download from the US Pits and at several mirror sites, accessible from the N2003 Race Ready forum. The painters in the crowd will also find templates and add-ons in the N2003 Race Ready forum in the AeroWar 88 Templates, 3d Files & Readme thread.

04 Apr 2004: Project Wildfire continues to release track add-ons for NASCAR Racing 2003 Season and this week released Mansfield Motorsports Speedway. The NASCAR Craftsman Truck series is scheduled to race there this season on May 16th, so this is an important track for leagues racing the trucks. You can find the full download on Project Wildfire's Tracks page. Don't forget to grab the setups for Mansfield, available on the Setups page in both open and expert versions. If you like running new tracks in NASCAR Racing 2003 Season, you might also check out the beta tracks at Project Wildfire. The current list of beta tracks includes Riverside, Portland, Kyalami, and Silverstone.

31 Mar 2004: Breakaway Racing League is organizing a racing event to benefit the Code Amber Organization. They've acquired over $500.00 in prizes already with more coming in. The event will be broadcast live by Sim Racing Networks on internet TV. All Proceeds go to the Code Amber Organization thru the race entry fee's and any other donations collected. If you'd like more information on the event scheduled to run 28 August 2004, please visit Breakaway Racing at Codeamber300.com.

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