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Take a look at the game that started a classic series.

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  • Info - General info on the game, trivia and box art.
  • Review - My thoughts on the game.
  • Storyline - The plot.
  • Moves List - A look at the 3 characters and a list of their moves.
  • Enemies - Pictures and info on all the enemies you can beat up.
  • Items - A list of the weapons and bonuses you can get during the game.
  • Levels - A guide to the 8 rounds.
  • Ending - Pictures from the ending, including the Bad Endings.
  • Cheats & Tips - Cheats for Genesis/Megadrive & Game Gear versions.
  • Versions - A look at Bare Knuckle, as well as the SMS/GG conversions.
  • Soundtrack - Listen to the in-game tunes.