Sopwith Mods

To my knowledge, there are at least eight different versions of Sopwith. If you discover more, please contact me and I'll add it to the site.

Version Name
The original Sopwith, created by Dave Clark of BMB Compuscience, Canada. (Requires the slowdown utility "Moslo" to work on today's computers)
David Clark
An update of the original Sopwith, created by Dave Clark of BMB Compuscience, Canada
David Clark
Essentially a modified version of Sopwith 1 with identical gameplay. Only the title screen, with the multiplayer feature option, has been altered. The question of who altered it and why is a mystery. Requires Moslo to play.
A clone of Sopwith2 with altered text by "Frank and Jeff" with comments about "Barry."
"Frank and Jeff"
A modified version of Sopwith2 by "" that has a changed map, music, and text. It is very difficult to beat a level in Sokwith due to object placement. There is a hidden easter-egg in Sokwith where the outline of the map looks like a... well... you'll have to find out for yourself!
A modified version of Sopwith2 by "Samor" that replaces the landscape with rectangular shapes, and alters the music and text.
A heavily modified version of Sopwith2 by the original programmer, Dave Clark.
David Clark
An Italian clone of Sopwith2 with altered text ("Aereo" means "Airplane") and no visual multiplayer options. Thanks to Marco for the find!
Jornand de Buisonjé's new Sopwith version, with Internet Multiplayer capabilities! (Requires Winsock Extensions (sockvxd.exe) to play multiplayer)
Jornand de Buisonjé
Simon Howard's Sopwith port for numerous OSes, hosted through Source Forge
Simon Howard

It's now easy to design your own Sopwith mods with two utilities:

A simple map editor written in Qbasic (You can read the instructions to run it here.)
Andrew Durdin
A much more advanced level designer in Visual Basic that can import any Sopwith EXE file, make changes using a pen-tool, and export a recompiled Sopwith game with the new map.
Matt Zebrowski

And one more honorable mention:

A side-scrolling Sopwith-esque DOS game with colorful graphics and great gameplay.
Shawn LeBlanc


If you create a killer map for Sopwith and want me to post it, email me at