Sopwith 2 - The Cult Classic (1986)

SOPWITH 2 emerged shortly after its predecessor, Sopwith, and quickly dethroned the original for many reasons.

- More intelligent AI planes
- Deformable terrain *
- Larger explosions
- Pesky, scattering birds in the sky
- 2 Multiplayer options (both which have never been seen to work)
- Internal Timer allowing playability on fast machines
- Real-time radar/mapping feature
- Recording option to playback high scoring games
- State of the Art PC-Speaker Music and Sound!



And thus, a legend was born. Sopwith2 is likely one of the oldest games still played for computers.

* The terrain in Sopwith II is the same as that in Sopwith I, except that only the top pixel is drawn, to improve speed and reduce flicker.

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