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About iCreatures ::.
Find out what Impossible Creatures is all about.
Concept Art ::.
Devoted to all of Relic's sketches and drawings for the game.
iCreatures Engine ::.
The following is an overview of the key technological features of the Impossible Creatures Engine.
Offical FAQ ::.
The offical Relic FAQ to Impossible Creatures!
Screenshots ::.
This about the closest you'll get to actually playing!

Incredible IC Updates!
Let The Games Begin!
New Insect Invasion Critters!
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Playbacks Contest Winner, Bill_Brooks

March 21st, 2002
New IC Screenshots
March 19th, 2002
Screenshots section greatly updated
March 18th, 2002
Links section updated
February 4th, 2002
ICC Fiction Contest added
February 4th, 2002
New section devoted to IC contests
February 2nd, 2002
We've done some revisions to our links section

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