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Official Sites ::.
    The official sites for Impossible Creatures.
Relic Entertainment
The developer website for Impossible Creatures.

Microsoft Games' Impossible Creatures Oficial Site
Microsoft Games' official site for Impossible Creatures.
News Sites ::.
    Fan sites with up-to-date information on Impossible Creatures.
Relic News
Devoted to Relic Entertainment's product line.

Esprit Sigma
French fan site covering Impossible Creatures, it also has a nifty translator available for those unable to read French.

Impossible Creatures Editor
Focusing on the MOD aspect of Impossible Creatures.
Pack and Pride Links ::.
    The clan sites of the Impossible Creatures community.
Clan of the TigerFang "caT"
The clan representative is their clan leader Coniar, and is open for new members.

Clan organized and founded on the Relic boards, and is open for new members.
Miscellaneous Links ::.
    Other sites that don't cover Impossible Creatures.
Homeworld Universe
Great fan site for all things Homeworld!

Jeremy Soule
Soule Media is providing thematic material for Impossible Creatures.

Incredible IC Updates!
Let The Games Begin!
New Insect Invasion Critters!
Contest Winners
Playbacks Contest Winner, Bill_Brooks

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