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The Story So Far...

The Matrix
What is the Matrix? In the summer of 1999 we all found out. In the first part of the trilogy we are introduced to the character of Thomas Anderson, who also goes under the hacker alias of Neo. Neo has been plagued all his life with this feeling that something wasn't right, that the world which he lived in was somehow not real. This is confirmed when weird messages pop up on his computer screen talking about something called "The Matrix" From then on he is introduced to Morpheus and Trinity. Morpheus explains to him about the Matrix and presents him with a choice, take the Blue Pill and Neo will wake up in his bed and not have to worry about the Matrix, take the Red Pill and he will be shown what the Matrix is, of course Neo takes the Red Pill.

Neo awakens in a pod in the middle of a mechanical field and is then released from the pod, he is picked up by a passing ship and is greeted by Morpheus and his crew before passing out. Neo is then told what the Matrix is, it is a computer generated world designed to keep humans in a dream like state, so huge machines can use the Humans plugged into the Matrix for energy. Morpheus then explains to Neo about the Oracle and prophecy that states that someone will come along who can reshape the Matrix and will free humanity, Morpheus then explains that he believes that Neo is "The One"

The film concludes in a thrilling climax which includes the now infamous "Lobby Scene" and the final battle between Neo and the Agents, in which Neo relises his power as "The One" and flies inside the Agent named Smith, killing the Agent.

The Matrix Reloaded
The Matrix reloaded picks up some time after the first film leaves off. Zion is now under attack from Sentinals within the real world, and has 24 hours to stop them before Zion is destroyed. In this film we are introduced to several new characters and we learn of the Exiles who are led by The Merovingian. We also see the return of Agent Smith from the first film. Previously thought to be destroyed, Agent Smith has returned and has developed a new ability, the ability to clone himself onto other peoples RSIs. Smith manages to clone himself into a Zion Operative and now has the ability to Jack out of the Matrix. During the film we are also introduced to another key character, the Architech, the person who created the Matrix. It is he who tells Neo what the real role of "The One" actually is.

The One is just a glitch within the Matrix system, his role is to return to the source causing a reboot of the Matrix, he will then select a group of people to found the next Zion. We learn that this is about the 6th or 7th time the Matrix Program has been ran, and the 6th or 7th time "Zion" has been destroyed. We also learn that the whole thing has been orchestrated by the machines, and that Zion, although it is in the real world, is just part of the Program. Neo is then given a choice will he return to the source rebooting the program, or will he save Trinity before she falls to her death?

After saving Trinity from falling to her death (Never saw that one coming did you?) Neo then jacks out of the Matrix and informs Morpheus of the events. Before they get a chance to collect their thoughts they are attacked by Sentinals, Neo raises his hand and stops the sentinals, but also falls into a coma. This raises the question, are the real world and the matrix connected? The film ends with a scene of Neo in a Sickbay, laid in a coma. On the other side is the person who's body Smith cloned himself into, is Smith in the real world now?

The Matrix Revolutions
Everything that has a beginning, has an end. The third film within the trilogy picks up directly after the second one finishes. We learn that Neo is still in a coma within the Real World, but somehow is jacked into the Matrix, in a Subway program, which represents the halfway point between the Matrix and the Real World. With the time to Zions destruction decreasing rapidly Morpheus, and Trinity must find Neo and find out how to stop this. However not only is Zion under threat from the Sentinals, a third variable has been thrown into the equation, the Matrix itself is now under threat from the Rapidly Spreading Smith. The film concludes with a fight within the matrix between Smith and Neo, however by this time Smith has spread to practically every part of the Matrix, even cloning himself into the Oracle. It would seem that Neo is now not only Mankinds last hope but also trying to save the Matrix and the Machine World aswel. The film ends with Smith cloning himself into Neo, however Smith only relises at the last minute what has truely happened, as he absorbs Neo a virus spreads through all the Smith clones causing the destruction of both Smith and Neo. At the same time this is happening a massive battle is raging between Zion and the Sentinals, just at the point when the Smith/Neo battle ends all the Sentinals leave Zion. At this point it is truely learnt that Neo has done what so many others could not do, he has stopped the War. The Matrix Online takes place after the events of this film, the machines and humans have a treaty but are still locked in a cold war of sorts.


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