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Player Events

What is Choice And Consequence?
Choice and Consequence is the fourth major player event. Not much is known as of yet about the event which kicks off soon. The only known details about the event is that it revolves around a Hovercraft known as the Novallis and its crew.
Official Articles
Crew of Novalis II
Player Articles

What Is The Hunt
The hunt is the third major player event, starting with the Hunt For Morpheus. It all started when people started spotting Morpheus around town, then followed by an explosion from a Code bomb that Morpheus had planted. This lasted for a couple of days, hellicopters would fly over Mega City and Zion had put a warning out considering Morpheus a renegade. This was of course until a few days ago, when Cinematic 1.3 was released this had all changed, Morpheus was killed and now everything has changed to The Hunt For Morpheus's assassin. We do not know the Assassins motives or who he is, but we are finding out new things day by day.
Official Articles
Morpheus Is Dead
Hunt For Morpheus :: Breaking News
Player Articles

What Is Nightfall
Nightfall is the second major player event, it all started with a news post on Data Node One. From then on strange things have been happening in The Mega City, Lupines and Vampires have started attacking Redpills, a Vampire named "Invalesco" has shown up and offered Redpills Immortality in exchange for their soul, and strange rumours of kidnapped Vampire leaders have been proven untrue. Click the links below for more information on the Second Chapter of the Ongoing MXO Story.
Official Articles
Tooth And Nail
Blood Code
Mega City Health Alert
Nightfall: Day 1 - Speeches
Nightfall: Strange Bedfellows
Nightfall: Day 2 - Speeches
Nightfall - Ascension of Invalesco

Player Articles


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