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MXO Warehouse is a relatively new site in the MXO Community and is the newest site in the Warehouse Network (Starting with GTAWH). Warehouse Network is a relatively new formation in the world of gaming. The site started after the Matrix Online beta ended on 15th March 2005, I was so impressed with the way the beta ended and at how well organised the community was I automatically decided to make a fansite on the game.

As a long time member of the GTAWarehouse Staff and Forums I had gotten to know the webmaster GWizZ pretty well. Me and him have always had this idea in our minds of expanding GTAWH into a network so when I started this site, my first thoughts were to make this the second site to go up with the name "Warehouse" attached to the end. That was great I thought, I had a name now where next.

Despite having designed many websites in the past, i'm not exactly what you would call a top notch web designer so my first hurdle was to design a layout for the site. I looked at other Matrix Online sites for inspiration, I wanted something that looked high-tech, was also similar to the GTAWH but didn't over use the Matrix Code as seen on many sites. So I started designing the site and came up with the old layout. Fine I thought for a few months then I decided it was time for a change.

So I got in contact with GWizZ and we came up with this, a variation on the main GTAWH Layout.


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