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News and Announcements

Thursday, June 23, 2005
New Patch Details
Posted by: JCMoorehead @ 1:03 PM :: Catagory: News :: Not Discussed
A new patch has been released for MXO which brings it up to version 7.4057. There are a long list of additions and bug fixes. Here are a couple of the additions:
:: Special Attacks for single weapons can now be used with the Dual version of the same weapon. For example, Covering Fire (Submachine Gun) can now be used with Dual Submachine Guns equipped. (Dual weapon prerequisites must still be met to equip them.)>br> :: Find Weaknesses now has a passive ability icon. Now when the tool is used, an icon shows that a debuff has been applied to the target.
:: Tengu's AI has been adjusted to make it more aggressive.
:: NPCs now use Block tactics more effectively.
Full changelog can be viewed here
Saturday, June 18, 2005
Posted by: JCMoorehead @ 10:22 PM :: Catagory: News ::Discussed
Well its been made official. Sony Online Entertainment now owns MXO. This change of management will impact many people within the MXO Community. With this move comes several advantages, for example MXO Will now be a part of the SOE Station Access Subscription Scheme you can pay $21.99 per month and have full access to EQ, EQ2, SWG, Planetside and EQ: Online Adventures for the PS2. Of course this could mean a dramatic change in game, the biggest question at the moment is what will happen with the Live Events which are essentially the backbone of the game, we'll have more on this as we can get it. For now you can read the Official Announcement or discuss it here in our forums, Registration is Quick and free.
Thursday, June 16, 2005
Player Event
Posted by: JCMoorehead @ 10:22 PM :: Catagory: Player Events ::Discussed
Recently a player event took place accross all servers where the outcome was completely up to the Players within MXO, here are the details on the event.

The highly talented but extremely green Zionite operative Neurophyte was sent on a routine mission to investigate some strange energy fluctuations in a Machine-controlled area in the Real. The mission soon become much more than routine, however, as she happened upon some extremely sensitive information relating to the Red-Eyed Agents. Neurophyte, unable to contact her crew from her location, jacked recklessly into the Matrix from a rudimentary port she discovered in the area in an attempt to transmit her findings quickly.

Unfortunately the port Neurophyte utilized was extremely old and unstable, and had not been upgraded with the new emergency jack-out protocols. Somehow in the transition the information she had recovered intermingled itself with her RSI, causing a malformation of her integral code - and what was more, she could not jack out again. In pain and gradually feeling herself deteriorate, Neurophyte desperately attempted contact with other operatives, hoping that someone would understand her garbled communications and find her.

The results can be seen on the MXO Site here. You can also discuss it here in our forums.

Friday, June 10, 2005
Quick update to say I've started work on the Abilities page on the site. Its quite incomplete at the moment and will take quite a bit of time to complete due to MXO having over 350 Abilities and many Disciplines. So far i've been able to work through the enhancements brand of the Awakened Ability tree, hopefully I should have most of the basic stuff done by the weekend.
Wednesday, June 8, 2005
Crew Of The Novalis II
Posted by: JCMoorehead @ 9:39 PM :: Catagory: Live Events :: Discuss
A New Article has been posted on the MXO Site. Its Categorised under Live Events and features a Profile of a Zion Ship know as the Novalis II. It has information on the crew and the ship itself along with profiles of each crew member.

Faced with a need to move fast and talk its way out of most of its problems, Zion most needed a person able to handle the pressures of being the first hovercraft captain after the Truce. This new captain needed to be able to talk when talk was needed, but fight hard when the going got tough. With the resurrection of the Novalis, now named by her captain Novalis II, came the promotion of a promising young redpill, Sawayaka

Sawayaka found herself in a unique situation. Both the Machines and Exiles placed unusual emphasis on her appointment. Considered the forerunner of a new era, Sawayaka and her crew became more than the first new hovercraft… they became a symbol of the new Zion emerging from war.

Combining the roles of diplomats, soldiers, and even entertainers, the crew of the Novalis II has emerged from these critical first months ready to help Zion and humanity find their way.

You can read the full thing here and discuss it in our forums here.

Other Side Of The Looking Glass
Posted by: JCMoorehead @ 2:08 PM :: Catagory: News :: Not discussed
The latest "Other Side Of The Looking Glass" Article has been posted on the Official MXO Site. This issue takes a look at the issues regarding player-dev interaction on forums and in game. It also takes a look at 10 Major bugs within the game and how the devs are looking at fixing them and the expected timescale for fixing them. Heres a short snippet of the article.

Mission completion-preventing bugs

Every major patch so far has had fixes for mission-blocking bugs and the next one is no exception. Sometimes we have a single issue that causes problems in many missions, which means one fix makes a big difference. Sometimes each issue is very specific--especially on storyline missions--which means the fixes aren't as noticeable. There is a fairly long list of mission fixes in the next large patch as well, and we'll keep making them as they come up.

Its an interesting read. It can be viewed here

Tuesday, June 7, 2005
New Update Scheduled
Posted by: JCMoorehead @ 3:27 PM :: Catagory: News :: Not discussed
A new update is soon to be released for MXO. Below are the items currently in testing

:: Items that increase maximum buffer space now work correctly.
:: Ignore Pain has a new sound effect.

Thursday, June 2, 2005
MXO Patch 7.3856
Posted by: JCMoorehead @ 4:15 PM :: Catagory: News :: Not discussed
A new patch has been released for MXO which brings it up to version 7.3856 this new patch only fixes one or two things.

:: Morpheus will no longer welcome new redpills to the Matrix.
:: Bug causing some mission objects to not work properly has been fixed.

Wednesday, Jun 1, 2005
Awakened Radio goes Live
Posted by: JCMoorehead @ 4:20 PM :: Catagory: News :: Not discussed
Radio Free Zion has evolved, its now known as awakened radio, and can now be found at

New Patch Items Being Tested
Posted by: JCMoorehead @ 11:27 AM :: Catagory: News :: Not discussed
The MXO Site has been updated details new game items currently in testing for a future patch.
Items listed on this page are in testing for a future version of The Matrix Online.

:: The first of three new Disciplines is now available for testing by external players. Zen Master, an addition to the Operative tree, will be joined in the future by the Citadel Coder and Trojan Horse.
:: Punishing Blows can now be activated both in or out of Interlock combat.
:: All Disguise Tools now list their required minimum levels.
:: Stealth Countermeasures now only disrupts the stealth Abilities of hostile characters.
:: Equations for opening locks and hacking computers have been adjusted to make raising those Abilities worthwhile.
:: Backup NPCs now respond to alarms and security cameras.
:: Players can now use /afk to mark themselves as away from their keyboards.
:: Players now get a text message when their PvP flags are turned on or off.
:: Ranged Combat Tactics no longer give a bonus to dodge rolls.
:: PvP flags no longer turn off while the character is involved in combat.
:: Antibiotics now work like a 90-second Negative Condition Sweep. Each has a percent chance to remove negative effects (including Stun and Pacify) that is checked every 5 seconds while active.
:: Weapon loaded on the Close Combat shortcut button now always appears when the button is used to engage in combat.
:: Characters successfully withdrawing from Interlock are now immune to being drawn back in for 5 seconds after withdrawing.
:: Multi-on-one Interlock now works correctly with more than 3 players involved.
:: Contacts now show whether they have available missions or not on the Contacts panel.

Seems like a good list, hopefully it'll be released soon.
Tuesday, May 31, 2005
New Layout
Posted by: JCMoorehead @ 3:35 PM :: Catagory: News :: Not discussed
Well I've redesigned the site, given it a brand new layout as I thought the old one was looking a bit tacky and there were a few bugs with the old one aswel. The site has been fully redesigned and should be fully working within the next few days. Hopefully the new layout will be easier to navigate for users using IE, Firefox or any other browser. The site has been optimised for a 1024x768 Layout which means at that resolution you should get no page stretching. A big thanks goes out to GWizZ of the GTAWarehouse for allowing me to use this layout and for helping me with the PHP Includes which I didnt have a clue about.


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