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You have read the press releases, seen the screenshots, played the demo and know you want to know what the real game is like? Well, you have come to the right place. Here you can find a list of all titles we have reviewed so far... More resources on all games (and more) listed here can be found in our Game Guides section.

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Nascar Racing 2003 reviewed - February 24, 2003
Today yet another review reached High Gear. In a time that we wish to place more reviews this is definitly one we can live with. Here, all the details about the game are discussed. Even though a bit brief for the true simracing fans this is a must-read.

WRC 2 and CMR 3 compared - January 6, 2003
World Rally Championship 2 and Colin Macrae Rally 3 both claim to be good rally race games but which is the best and what are the differences. In this review Russell Meredith is trying to find the answer.

EA's V8 Challenge review - May 22, 2002
This game has taken a while to come out with many delays. The game is only released in Australia and New Zealand so those of you that live elsewhere will have to order it online. When I first contacted EA Australia about this game they insisted to me that the game is based on V8supercars and will be using the STTC2 engine produced by Dice Software.

ACT LABS Pedals and GPL Shifter review - December 28, 2001
We have said it before in other reviews, but we'd like to state it again, because it's true. ACT LABS has got a great track-record of listening to its customers, caring for them and helping them in every way possible to make sure the problems they might be experiencing disappear. A direct consequence of this is the release of the ACT LABS Clutch Performance Pedal System and the USB GPL Shifter. Why you ask? Let me explain in the following review.

F1 2001 Review - November 7, 2001
Electronic Arts' F1 Challenger and myself had met once before. We did not get on very well at the time. Although it certainly wasn't a bad 'date', the physics just felt wrong. The car did not feel like a twitchy and light F1 racer, but more like a heavy station wagon. The graphics were okay, but the performance was terrible. All-in-all I ended up bitterly disappointed with the way today's software companies are treating their customers again.

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