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 About Us

In case you hadn't found out yourself by now; High Gear is a website about racing sims for the PC. We take great pride in providing you with the latest news on the newest racing sims, but it doesn't stop with news. We have previews, reviews, screenshots, articles, a very big High Gear Forums community, a download section and much more. Have a browse around and see what every section is about.

We're all fans of the racing sim genre and we're not affiliated with any publisher or developer. We believe highly in giving you our honest opinion and when a game is not very good, then we'll tell you that. We buy almost all the games we review ourselves, so we'll be reviewing the versions you can buy in the stores as well.

The name "High Gear" has been around on the Web since November 1997. The site was originally an offl-line competition for Ubisoft's F1 Racing Simulation. It was run by Lennart Vissers and Kenneth Verburg, but was closed again in June 1998. Then came the idea to set up a site concentrating solely on racing sims for the PC. A site run by gamers for gamers.

In August 1998 High Gear launched at www.racingsims.com and was an immediate success. Unfortunately we hadn't had the best hand in picking our provider and the site went offline again after about a month. But that didn't quite stop Kenneth from working on a new layout and joining the Gamer's Alliance network. We also changed domain names and have since then always used www.simracingnews.com.

High Gear was re-launched again on October 1st, 1998 and we have been providing the Latest News on the Newest Racing Sims every since. On April 1st, 2001 High Gear joined the GameSpy network to be hosted by SportPlanet. Today you're looking at a site run by a dedicated group of sim racers. A site which aims to be your #1 source for news on racing sims and we hope you agree with us that we're on the right away.

Read more on the story behind the site in this GameSpy Spotlight feature.

Who are we?

Kenneth Verburg - Site owner and Editor-in-Chief (currently taking some earned rest)
A 19-year old student in his place-of-birth; Dordrecht, The Netherlands. A long, long time ago...well, about 2.5 years ago anyway... he had a dream and moved into high gear to launch his own sim racing site. In good-old Dutch fashion of not ever wanting to give up, he has been running the site every since. He now lives in Almere, where he's studying "Information Engineering". While most of his time during the week is spend on study and (even more) on maintaining the site, he still finds some time to wave with flags at reckless drivers at the famous world-class racing circuit in Zandvoort in a stylish-looking orange overall. Uhm?

Peter Moolenaar - PHP Script master and overall administrator
Peter is part of the same class and currently lives in Delft, where he is taking courses in Electrical Engeneering at the Technical University of Delft. He was born a couple of kilometres away from Kenneth in the wonderful village (his own words) of 's-Gravendeel (now try saying that 10 times). He's the resident PHP script master, making sure High Gear is as interactive as it is today. He also likes yelling a lot when Kenneth screws up one of his scripts again when he's "experimenting".

Iain Head - Australian reporter and administrator
Iain is our Australian reporter and keeps us updated on everything that's happening in Oz. He also is a very active moderator of the High Gear Forums and administrator on both the main site as well as on the forums..

Henk Ensing - Another Dutch contribution and administrator
A person that knows what he is doing with websites and a welcome addition to our team. He will screen news, reviews and other items that come in, just like the others. He is also an administrator on both the forums and the main site.

Tom Pabst - US contributing editor
Tom Pabst, not the Thomas Pabst from tomshardware.com, has been part of High Gear almost since the beginning. Tom is one of the most actice members of the simracing community and we're very proud to be associated with him.

We'd like to thank Stefan Petrovic for all his work on the site's layout the past two years. We understand he's moved on to University and that it is taking away all this free time, but we appreciate everything he has done for the site. Thanks Stefan and hopefully you'll join us again soon!

We'd also like to thankTony "orbital" Wyss, Sports Genre Producer at GameSpy for his great work on our logo!


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