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Here you can find info on newly announced games from Press Releases and Screenshots. More resources on all games (and more) listed here can be found in our Game Guides section.

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Rally Trophy Hands-On Preview - July 24, 2001
You have been reading about the game on High Gear for a little while now, as we have posted regular screenshot updates, an in-game movie and in May an exclusive interview with Janne Alanenpää, Managing Director of Bugbear Entertainment. But now it's finally time to try out the game ourselves to check and see why the development team was this excited.

Exclusive: Sprintboat Racing - June 13, 2001
Some months ago, an Australian game artist got together with a couple of his programmer colleagues, and decided they'd love to develop a racing sim together, but wanted to make something that was a bit different from the ever growing flood of car racing games on the market. The outcome was to develop a Jet Sprinting simulation for PC. Developer Chris Wise tells you his story in this exclusive first look.

Paris-Dakar Rally - May 1, 2001
Paris-Dakar Rally will consist of 12 stages, each over 25km long. Race across North Africa, from the jungle on the coast, through savannah and sand dunes and enjoy the wonders of Egypt. t's going to take skill, nerve and reactions to make it to the winner's podium. And don't forget about your navigator, because each stage has multiple routes that will allow you to select the best path through the terrain.

Rally Trophy screenshots and movie - April 29, 2001
Today we have posted 6 new screenshots and a movie of Bugbear Entertainment's upcoming rally game Rally Trophy, which is currently planned for a Q3 release date (delayed from end of June).

Un-official add-on for F12K: CART 2000 - April 24, 2001
The past few weeks we have kept you updated, almost weekly, on the progress made on CART 2000, the un-official CART add-on for Electronic Arts' F1 2000 and F1 Championship Season 2000. Mika Hirvonen, Don Sklenka, John Bodin, Gerard Reitsma and Damiano Bettega have been slaving away at this conversion for months and yesterday the open beta demo for F1 2000 was released. This morning I downloaded the demo and you can read my impressions in this article.

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