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On this page we post all of our columns on the sim racing community. Maybe needless to say, but the columns posted here express the views of the author of the column, not necessarily the views of High Gear.

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Online Racing Nascar Style - June 11, 2002
It was not too long ago when I had my first taste of Nascar Racing, Papyrus-style. Nascar Racing by Papyrus was the first good shot at simulating the reality of full-Blown stock car racing on the PC. I remember buying it, bringing it home...and firing up my engine at Atlanta (the old configuration, I loved that track) and taking off. I was hooked like a fish. No game before had grabbed me in such a powerful way, and every since I've been totally hooked on Papyrus' brand of stock car racing.

Licensing: Who is to blame? - May 4, 2001
This is an open letter Tom Pabst sent to GamesDomain's James Kay about his "Licenses and Lawyers" editorial posted on May 1st, 2001. In this editorial Jamer Kay discusses the recent happenings in the sim racing community concerning user-made additions to games. Tom, take it away...

Why GPL is still King of the Sim Road - December 22, 2000
Brian Bowles has written a column on why it is that Papyrus' Grand Prix Legends, a sim that is more than two years old, is still the best on the market: "I was sitting here thinking about driving sims and it occurred to me that Grand Prix Legends is still the best. Why is it that a sim that is more than two years old is still the best on the market? Well let's revisit GPL and take a look."

Papyrus, get involved! - September 19, 2000
It has been more than a year since Grand Prix Legends (GPL) was released. Numerous sims have come and gone. GPL is still the best. No sim can compare in the physics, realism and ease of playing on the internet. Gone are the days when personnel from Papy would come and post responses to GPL questions and suggestions. Gone are the days of any word, news, and/or comments from Papyrus. It seems a shame that Papyrus does not get more involved in what the public wants.

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