I've include three FAQs on this site. These are the same FAQs you'll find at and most other game help sites, but hey, you're already here.

FAQ#1 by Shiryu
This is a very balanced FAQ with good information about the games controls, and overviews of the levels.

There are 4 different types of Shot weapons in Gunstar Heroes. In the beginning you can choose one of the basic shots to become your default (I suggest Force). However, it is possible to carry and combine 2 types of these weapons (For a total of 10 combos). Thats 15 ways to distribute some undiscriminating justice 8D. Here his a description of all:

Basic Shots:
Force Shot - Straight medium rapid fire.
Lightning Shot - Fires through enemies & walls.
Chaser Shot - Fires homing stars.
Fire Shot - Strong and effective at close range.

Combined Shots:
Force+Force - Heavy damage rapid fire. Personal favourite.
Force+Lightning - Lightning to all directions. Goes through all. Medium damage. Favourite.
Force+Chaser - Homing Force. Handy if you use Free Shot mode.
Force+Fire - Fires balls of energy that explode for heavy damage.
Lightning+Lightning - Continuos Lightning Shot. Heavy damage.
Lightning+Chaser - Homing Lightning Shot. Needs some strategy to use properly.
Lightning+Fire - Small range Lightning. Good when in Free Shot mode.
Chaser+Chaser - Double power homing stars. Excellent in Free Shot mode.
Chaser+Fire - Homing Fire Shot. Needs some handling to get used to.
Fire+Fire - Double range Fire Shot.

FAQ #2 by Sherwin Tam
A short, but helpful FAQ that answers any gameplay questions you might have.


Low Slide: Hit down, down/forward or down/back and Jump. This can also be
done while crouching. The Low Slide is quite powerful compared to normal
shots and can take down enemies that get too close. Note, however, that
enemies in the later levels can block the Low Slide. Also useful for
sneaking past high attacks and other nasty things tossed at you. If
you're on a platform, make sure to use a diagonal direction to slide, or
else you'll end up hanging instead. Also note that you can slide while
shooting if you're using Free Shot (Fixed Shot won't because you can aim

FAQ #3 by Joey
Another very complete FAQ with detailied level walkthroughs


From the 3-d polygonal Treasure logo at the beginning of the game, to
the awesome reactor boss, this game is a super nova graphically. I've
not seen many other games for the Genesis with graphics as fine as
these. In fact, I've never played a game on the Genesis with as good of
graphics as this, even Treasure's later efforts. Every single sprite in
the game has loads of frames of animation, and there's nothing that
screams high production values more than that. There are also effects in
this game that the Genesis shouldn't even be able to do. Scaling and
rotation (minimal), huge amounts of objects onscreen at once without
slowdown, some random stretchy effects, hell, this game even has

Game Genie Codes


Master code: AJBT-AA5R

Protection against most hits: AL4T-AA3A

Start stage 1 with 500 vitality: 8X1T-ACGJ

Game Hints

Excerpt: (okay, it's the whole thing)

Bonus Power-ups:
Continue to kick the power-up pods for additional items.

Rotate title:
Press Down before the logo spins to rotate it in the opposite direction.

Playing tip:
Tap the D-pad to walk slower on the fifth stage, after the man sneaks away in the garbage can. Eventually, a pod that contains unlimited vitality will appear. If you proceed at regular speed or faster, it will never catch up to your character.

Hidden special move:
To perform a secret special move with either Gunstar Blue or Gunstar Red, press Back, Down/Back, Down, Down/Toward, Toward and press Attack. The character will perform a powerful standing slide.



When you first start the game, you're given the choice of Free or Fixed Shot. The differences are as follows:

Free Shot: You can move and shoot at the same time. However, you can only fire in three directions, namely forward, diagonally up/forward, and up.(You can actually fire in five directions total, it's just that to fire in what would be the back and diagonally up/back you have to change directions, so it's just you firing forward while facing in the other direction.) This has the advantage of great mobility; you can continually move and avoid enemy attacks while maintaining an attack.
However, you can't shoot below you unless you jump in the air; thus, it's better to stay on the ground to keep all the enemies within firing

Fixed Shot: You can shoot in all eight directions, but must stop to shoot. Also, while you're shooting, you cannot crouch if you are already standing, since hitting down will simply shoot down. Fixed Shot does better when you're on the higher platforms, since less enemies will jump on the platforms to get to you and flying enemies will be a lot closer and thus easier to shoot. It is still possible to move while shooting by jumping, but even then the mobility is limited.

So, which one is better? It depends partly on the style of play you like, the weapon you have, and the enemy situation. I've found that it's easier to clear normal enemies when using a Free Shot, but that many of the bosses are easier on Fixed Shot, due to the Fixed Shot ability to continue shooting the opponent without bumping into it. When playing two-player, it's a good idea for one to be Free and one to be Fixed, since you can have the advantages of both.