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Gunstar Heroes was released in 1993 for the 16-bit Sega Genesis/Megadrive console system. Created by the Japanese development house Treasure, it is a side scrolling platform shooter similar to Contra or Metal Slug.

Well doesn't that just about describe just about every 16-bit game that came out in the early 1990's? Sure, but Gunstar Heroes is different. This site is devoted to the Game Gunstar Heroes and it's development house because Treasure has a long history of making insanely fun and playable action games.

Gunstar Heroes is perhaps their crowning achievement. Although not exactly the most popular Genesis game, Gunstar Heroes is one of the defining games of it's genre and Treasure's first game ever.

Boss encounter

There are many elements that make Gunstar Heroes a special game. The weapons system is innovative, and gives the player the ability to adapt to many different situations. The play control is extremely responsive and fun allowing the player to make high jumps while blasting enemies in all directions. Perhaps most impressive of all is the art direction and technical achievements Treasure managed to cram into that small black Genesis cart. Like most every Treasure game the bosses are huge, made of dozens of independent sprites, all of which move, jiggle, and rotate. The animation is so advanced that it wouldn't be a stretch to compare Gunstar Heroes (a Genesis game) to the Neo Geo games of the era like Metal Slug or Shock Troopers.

Game Artwork and Wallpaper

It doesn't matter if you've never played the game before, or if you came here to learn how to beat the final boss. I think you'll find what your looking for here. Click on a link above to learn more about the game, find out what other games Treasure has made, take a look at the game's box art, or download a walkthrough.


Note: This page is a fan site and a web design portfolio piece. In no way is it associated with Sega or Treasure. This site serves no purpose other than to spread the good word about Gunstar Heroes and other Treasure games, and help gamers through the game with tips and FAQs.

Viewtiful Joe Capcom USA Viewtiful Joe: Official Site Gaming World X Import Review Viewtiful Joe

It's not really my business to promote new games, especially non-Treasure releases, but I think I'll make an exception for Viewtiful Joe. It seems like Capcom has been channeling the designers at Treasure, at least when it comes to gameplay and general Japanese weirdness with this title. I've played the first two levels and read all of the import reviews on the net. Viewtiful Joe is going to be something special folks. The type of great old school action game we don't see much of anymore. I honestly think that anyone with an interest in games like Gunstar Heroes or other Treasure releases should check out Viewtiful Joe.


Check out my Viewtiful Joe blurb and learn more here.

GameFAQs has done some server work, and all the links on the Forums page that were broken are working again. I have also posted my review of Wario World on the Treasure page, read it here.

Wario World is released this week. It looks fun, but we'll soon see.

I just added my new "Ghetto Forum" to the Forums Page... it should be fun. No pottymouths though!

The "IKARUGA Appreciate DVD" has been released in Japan. This DVD features hours of footage of expert Ikaruga players finishing the game nearly perfectly. The gameplay shown on the DVD is significantly more advanced than the intentionally imperfect play featured in the Gamecube version's Conquest Mode.

Treasure's newest game Ikaruga was released in the US for the first time on the Gamecube Console this week. Despite all the hype and hoopla, this game surpassed my expectations in every way. I don't know if I've ever played a game this hard without getting frustrated. The game design is genius This is the shooter of the year, decade, one of the best ever.


Treasure's Official Site
Yeah, it's all in Japanese, but there is some really cool artwork here!

Treasure Fanpage
This is another Treasure site with some very good content. Say hello to Mr Monkeyman.
A great place to learn about any game. This is where I got my FAQs. With the author's permission of course. Good message boards too.
A great resource for everything concerning classic games.


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