FNN Podcast Episode 9

Listen to the live recording here:


FNN Podcast Episode 7

Another installment on the Fight Night Nation podcast series is out this time with a full house.  PRGUY, Poetic, Intoc and Warp host and talk about all gameplay videos, previews, roster announcements out this week for the game as well as some boxing matches commentary including Pacquiao/Hatton and Froch/Taylor.

FNN Podcast Episode 5 is Out

The 5th installment in our Fight Night Nation podcast is up for everyone to listen to:

I want to thank Poetic and Intoccabile for hosting the show with me.  Although it started a bit slow, it picked up with great discussions on the Fight Night series and boxing in general as well as the recent release of the UFC 09 Demo.  Do not miss the episode!

FNN Podcast Episode 4 is Out

Big episode for everyone.  We talked about lots of things concerning all the different videos and articles posted this week.  Poetic and myself hosted along with a room full of fans.  Listen to it here:

FNN Podcast Episode 3

Saturday, April 11th Fight Night Nation hosted the third episode on their Podcast.  PRGUY85 hosted along with guests Poeticdrink2u and Warp from the EA Sports Fight Night forums.  Topics discussed were:

-Latest Gametrailers video analysis/discussion.

-Latest IGN Roster Announcements/Screenshots discussion.

-Answers to fans’ calls/questions.

Click on the Play button to listen to the show or download it from the Talkshoe page:


And I must excuse the heavy breathing on the show, that was ME.  I sound like a perv or something.  Will not happen for next show and if you guys notice it while recording on next episode, please point it out so I can fix the microphone arrangement quickly.


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