Media Explosion: 10+ Videos

Yesterday, the Fight Night community had a media blowout with different sites posting more than 10 videos of pure gameplay and walkthroughs with producers.  Here are all the videos for your enjoyment compiled on one post so you don’t have to go out searching for them all:

Ali vs Tyson Producer Walkthrough (Gametrailers):

Cotto vs Chavez 4 Rounds of Gameplay (Gametrailers):

Customization and Realism Trailer (IGN):

Foreman vs Frazier Gameplay (IGN):

Ali vs Tyson Gameplay (Gamespy):

And that’s all of them for now.  You can clearly see that the game is looking extremely fluid and the speed is perfect, contrary to the complains and worries of past videos.  Also, the Instant Replay feature looks to allow you to watch an entire fight or, at the very least, an entire round again.  We will be talking more about this soon on the Podcast so stay tuned.

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