Online World Championships on Round 4

From IncGamers site:

EA has confirmed Fight Night Round 4 will feature online world championships for the first time.

Speaking to IncGamers at the EA European showcase earlier this month, Round 4 producer Dean Richards Richards stressed that the development team is working hard to expand the online side of the game.

“We wanted to bring lots of great online experiences to Round 4,” said Richards, “and one of them is online world championships.”

He went on to say that the online world championship competitions will not feature licensed boxers (with their varying stats), but instead will be focused on skill. “It’s skill versus skill and who’s gonna win,” said Richards.

“It’s based on regions too,” he added.

“So you could be the king of England, but you might have to fight someone from the States to hold the belt.”

Stay tuned for our Fight Night Round 4 hands-on preview.

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