Demo Release Upon Us…

The Fight Night Round 4 early demo access granted to Gamestop/EBGames pre-orders is now upon us.  Sometime today, May 14th, both Playstation Network and Xbox Live will have access to the early demo release for  those with pre-order redeem codes to show for it.  The demo will depict Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton going at it and will also have a tutorial mode and a display of every boxer on the final game roster.  Some users living on Australia and other parts of the world other than USA already have played the demo and have made several videos displaying how it looks like:

The following displays some details on how the much-awaited Legacy Mode will work.  A Calendar is displayed along with customization for boxer gloves/trunks and even some hints of the Online World Championship modes:

If you pre-ordered the game, stay tuned to our Twitter account at for announcements on when the demo is officially out.  For everyone else, demo will be available on May 28th by way of XBL and PSN.

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