Today I take my first stab at writing a blog. Why, you may ask. Well, perhaps I find myself bored at times or I just want to make myself heard about some of my interests. Be that as it may, I welcome you to my first blog post in what will be called Fight Night Nation.

As I said, this blog will deal primarily with some of my interests, mainly the Fight Night series and boxing. I have been a fan of boxing for ten to twelve years now. At first I just focused on the boxers from my country, Puerto Rico, later started to gain interest in boxing in general. And that is what brought me to boxing video games.

I started with the regular Knockout Kings games and then with the Fight Night series…yes, I did not buy 2k Sports Prizefighter after reading subpar reviews from sites and users alike. Throughout all Fight Night releases I have always tried to involve myself with the community by creating leagues and sites dedicated to the game, yet they never last for long. With the impending release of Fight Night Round 4, my aim now is to give a fan’s point of view on all news and previews for this future release as well as comment on the latest boxing events.

So, I hope you all enjoy the blog. Be sure to leave your comments below the posts and let me and others know what you think about it all.

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