Fifa 04 Online >
The best unofficial site out there. Part of the soccer gaming network that release great fifa sites every year.

Fifa 4 Fans >
German site with english translation. They have usefull downloads and are ushally first in with any news regarding the fifa 2004 community.

Official Fifa 2004 website >
The official site (UK) is realy only of any use if you havent bought the game. Purely a marketing tool with no interation.

Soccer Gaming Downloads >
Want a download? then its probably here!

Breamster >
UK based site that has brought us the face factory.

Soccer Access >
Make some great utilitys such as kit raptor and are currently working on the fifa 04 world leugue patch.

Fifa UK Community >
Community site. discuss the game in the forum.

Other non fifa related sites:


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