Fifa Football 2004 Gameplay Tips

I think its best to make use of the new feature in this game "off the ball control" this gives a distinct advantage because you can manually run players into space, run along the defensive line then change the run direction when a ball is played through to beat the offside trap.

However some of you may not have a gamepad so make use of the player run button and the combination of the thru ball button. It may be slightly more difficult to remain onside using this method.

Dont try to take players on, it doesnt work becuase of that damn instant tackle.

Shooting from range can be as good as shooting from close range, very usefull if you need a last minute winner or equaliser.

Generally play the ball on the floor unless you are using the player run button or otb controll. Crosses into the box are alot easier to score off this year, no need to use the player run button for the receiving player.

I personally like to play with 2 strikers and one player in a role just behing them (CAM) and is very effective.

Wing play is a fairly easy way of getting into the territory of a good oposition, but if their goalkeeper is good with crosses it may be an idea playing the ball on the floor once you reach the crossing position.


Defending can be hard for new players to the game, with the introduction of player technique some players find it harder to controll the ball, it is imperitive that you defenders can clear the ball without any fuss. This is far more important for centre backs rather than those on the wings.

Be carefull with both aggressive and conservitive tackle to not tackle from behind as you can easily give away a free kick or penalty (and btw they can score from free kicks this year)

Make use of the second man button when defending, it may be risky to use this when you are using 3 at the back as it will draw one of your other defenders out of position and you wont have any cover.

To clear the ball, dont run it out. If you are under presure the simplest option is to kick it straight out using the shot button, it you have more space (where you would run it out in preveous games) a pass or combination of arial ball and player run/ otbc can be a very effective counter attacking method.

Other tips:

In order to get used to a formation and simley practise the game without running the risk of messing up in a competitive match the reintroduced practise or taining mode is very usefull, so make the most of it.

Dont dry and beat more than one man with skill moves. Do the skill move than pass

Buy a good midfield player whom does thru balls and creates space with normall passes, a good cheap option is jason koumas (Eng Div 1, Westbromich Albion for 1.7m)

Build you squad up, only sell players if you have too ie religation or a serious problem with firepower.

**More tips will be added over time as i become more acustomed with the game.


If you are playing carear mode as it should be played (get a 3rd, 2nd or 1st div team into the premeirship or other world leauge) money will be limiteded and you will not be able to buy the big name players untill the 4th or 5th year when your team is complete enough to buy "luxury" playes.

If your first year is successfull you should get around 7million to speand. Look for transfer listed players since you can buy these at the value or maginally above.

If you are moving from the 3rd to second div or 2nd to first concentrate on midfield buys and maybe purchase a spare striker. Here you should be looking at buying players with a skill level of around 75

In the second season the defence should be strenghthened. If possible try and buy a whole new back line and goalkeeper.

Generally dont sell players as its best to have the biggest squad as possible. But asn you reach the 4th and 5th seasons becuase you will also have moved up difficulty ratings players with skills of 50 and low 60 will be virtually useless so it may be fair to offload them for the best price.

Players whom i have found to be good value

Jason Koumas - CM/CAM- West Bromich Albion
Albertini - CM/CAM - Lazio
Pascal Cygan - CB - Arsenal
Damian Duff - LM/LAM/LWM - Chelsea
Florant Sinema Pongole - ST/LS/RS/CF Liverpool
(there are many other but take notice to individual player stats as being poor in one section can cause the price to be greatly reduced)

"Luxury Players"

Theiry Henry - Arsenal
Alesandro Del Piero
Piere Luigi Buffon
Andrey Shevchenko
Edgar Davids
Ruud Van Nistleroy
Nearly all Real Madrid team


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