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Keyboard Controls


Arrow Keys - Player Movement
A - Lob pass/Cross/Chip Shot
S - Pass/Cushioned Header
D - Shoot/Header
W - Through Ball
Q - Player Run
E - Sprint
Z - Remote Receiver Control/Toggle


Arrow Keys - Player Movement
A - Aggressive Tackle
S - Change Player
D - Conservative Tackle
W - Keeper Charge
E - Sprint
C - Call Second Defender

Logitech Dual action Gamepad

To be added soon

Saitek P2500 Rumble pad


Analogue/D-Pad - Player Movement
1 - Lob pass/Cross/Chip Shot
2 - Pass/Cushioned Header
3 - Shoot/Header
5 - Through Ball
4 - Player Run
6 - Sprint
8 - Walk
8 +Right Stick- Trick move
Right Stick Up/Down - Player Dart Left/Right


Analogue/D-Pad - Player Movement
1 - Aggressive Tackle
2 - Change Player
3 - Conservative Tackle
5 - Keeper Charge
6 - Sprint
8 - Call Second Defender

Off the ball Control

7 - Initiate Off the ball control/ Select Runner
Left stick - Control player on the ball
Right stick - Control player run

Direct Free Kick

Hold Right stick+Move Left stick - Move ball striking point

*you may have to swap the axis on your right analogue stick to use Off the ball control. Find out how to here

*It may be an idea to change right sticks button function to something which is not used in the game because its default is the "Esc" key and can be annoying in game when you go to the menu by accident


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