Amature level tutorial

If your new to the game or find the semi-pro level too difficult then you have probably switched the gameplay level to amateur.

On this level you probably wont get threatened too much by other teams so you may want to go for a more attacking style of play, say 4-3-3 formation or similar.

Run! like other fifa games you have to manually run allot more during the game so always be at the ready to use the button

Learn how to pass, use practice mode just passing to your team unopposed to get used to the passing, then try it out in a proper game. On this level stick to the basics so unless your really confident don't try the thru ball pass.

EA promised that there would be no shooting "sweet spots" on the game. Yes there are less but there still are some good ones. you probably wont notice them at first since in amateur mode you shoot you score! so whenever possible if you have a clear line of sight to the goal, aim for the far corner and have a go!

Scoring with headers. Its quite easy with most players to score from a cross with a header or volley. first run your winger level or just past the the start of the penalty area, then move slightly in towards goal the cross (you will have to practice to get the required power) then one of the following will happen. your player wont be highlighted, so choose your direction and tap the header button franticly, your player will be highlighted (usually on a quick low cross) where you need to time when to head/volley the ball. (this should also come through practice)

Things to try when you get good at amateur level:

Player runs, know when to set a player off into space (can be combined with a traditional pass or more effectively use with a thru pass.

Thru pass, can be used with the player run or on its own if the player is already in space

Off the ball control, the game may be too difficult to try this at a later stage so get practicing now!

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