Semi-pro level Tips / Tutorial

You may want to opt for a less attacking formation than you used in amateur level but only go really defensive if you are having allot of trouble with defending.

In this level defending will become more of an issue I have no real straight line tip here other than you have to work it out for yourself, however you may want to try using the call 2nd defender button. The actual players will have in defense will matter, its probably best to put your most skilled defenders in the centre as that is where the main frequency of attacks originate from.

Attacking shouldn't necessarily be a problem is you have good players up front but you may have to be more accurate with your shot power. and build up play.

A really effective way of hitting the shooting sweet spot outside the box is to run straight at goal (maybe a bit to the side which you aren't shooting towards) then use you right analogue stick to change you run to and angle then let the shot rip. top corner 1-0.

If you put a cross in or a free kick and its not deep enough simple use the pass button to head it back to your central midfielder. then use your midfielder to hit a shot to either post. You will most likely score.

Shooting from far out is a bit less extreme at semi-pro but there still is a rather nice sweet spot just outside the box

If Your not yet using all the game features (bar OTB, it helps but isn't necessary) then you should start trying because they help greatly in professional level

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