Professional level tips

When switching to professional level my number one tip is to know your formation. At this level I find that possession is key and if you don't know your formation you wont get enough possession.

At nearly every pass I utilize the player run button to run my man into space or run the next man into space (try not to do this as much with defenders otherwise you will get penalised by goals against.

Attacking and scoring goals I find is a much harder step up than it is from amateur to semi pro. Try different means of attack, if there's no way through on the floor, chip it over the top or try a cross. When in a 1 on 1 with the keep its better to wait and play a soft shot than it is to blast it as soon as you get the ball. (all though this can effective in some circumstances. you just have to use your fifa intuition)

I say that running with the ball isn't a good idea unless your in space but if used in the right situation coupled with a tap to the side on your right analogue stick (if you have one can open up space for a shot using that sweet spot just outside the box.

Make use of corners as you cant score as many easy goals from outside the box. I generally use "swing in centre" coupled with player selection using the lob pass button, and "driven" coupled again with player selection using the lob pass button.

The only time when you should be running with the ball is if your on a counter attack, have no one in front of you or your on the wing otherwise you should always try to open up space with a pass.

Don't dwell too long on the ball. you should know your formation well enough to give a first time pass every time. Really the only time when you can leave a player on the ball is if you are setting a player off on a run and are waiting to play the pass.

By now you should be quite confident using all the game functions, now you just need to keep practicing so you can step it up to World class.

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