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gooey blob

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" This causes a green sticky mucus to appear on the cast location, and grow. This blob expands quickly over a given area. Once the blob has reached it's maximum size, it will slowly begin to die.
Any creature or wizard caught in this effect will become stuck, and very slowly start loosing health until they are released.
Alignment: Chaos

Gooey blob casters include:

  • lord spiders

    keeps enemy still
    ineffective against flyers

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    tips and tactics

    using gooey blob

    A tactic is to trap a number of creatures within the blob, and then as it is about to dissipate (having reached maximum size), set fire to it with fireball, dragons breath, lightning, meteor shower, fire elemental, or a flaming arrows fired by an elf lord.

    Gooey blobs are flammable. If they are set alight, any creature caught in the blob will get damaged by the fire.

    defeating gooey blob

    A gooey blob doesn't really enough damage to worry about - it's just inconvenient as you have to wait and defend yourself.

    alternative spell choices

    Gooey blob is most like gorgon stare, except the holding force is an area effect and not restricted to a single creature.

    The spell ingredient spindle tree can produce the spells:
  • gooey blob,
  • giant spider and
  • scythian bow.

  • ingredient

    spindle tree

    All three spells here are different. A giant spider is a very cheap troop, pretty standard, and ultimately replaceable. When you're in control of the game, scythian bow will let you produce stronger attack forces, but gooey blob is the most versatile spell here and very satisfying to watch when correctly cast against your enemeies.

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