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JUNE 2001

New spell-of-the-week, "pestilence" added to the expanding spell tactical index

New diary entry - part11 at /artofmagic/latest/diary.shtml

New spell-of-the-week, "morph" added to the expanding spell tactical index

work on the site
significant update of the wizard attributes

New spell-of-the-week, "meteor shower" added to the expanding spell tactical index

New spell-of-the-week, "magic eye" added to the expanding spell tactical index


work on the site
- all links re-validated
- full site moved for faster download speeds and increased capacity
(from www.intoto-online.com/magicandmayhem to www.magicandmayhem.co.uk)


New spell-of-the-week, "lure" added to the expanding spell tactical index

source: PCGAMER

"an exiting, character led RTS? You Betcha."

Read the full article on p42, of PCGAMER #97 (JUNE 2001)

MAY 2001

HOT HEX updated
Rankings added, and Rocco Loscalzo, discloses his top six spells.

New spell-of-the-week, "lightning" added to the expanding spell tactical index

New screenshots, focusing on the 3D terrains, here


  • new preview at pczone

    HOT HEX updated
    Hal Angseesing and Larry Binks from the software team, submit their advice.

    New spell-of-the-week, "heal" at spells

  • new wizards section!

    Click here for continually updated rankings, to help you choose the ultimate avatar

    New spell-of-the-week, "judgement" at spells

    New spell-of-the-week, "iron skin" at spells

    developer folds! AOM future uncertain!

    Developers, Charybdis, have collapsed! - the full story here
    source: pczone

    "all the elements that made the original so addictive
    have been retained"

    See the front cover and 3 page preview in may's issue (#102) of PCZONE

    APRIL 2001

    New spell-of-the-week, "invisibility" at spells

    New spell-of-the-week, "heal" at spells

    New spell-of-the-week, "haste" at spells


  • new screenshots at www.gamespot.co.uk

    New spell-of-the-week, "totem of resurrection" at spells


  • new preview at justadventure

    MARCH 2001

    HOT HEX section added - the latest spell choices of the development team.
    Steve Norris, Mark Steele and Paul Twynholm kick off.

    New spell-of-the-week, "gooey blob" at spells

    work on the site
    - all creatures pickup and eating status verified
    - all creature locomotion type verified
    - first 4 ingredient summaries updated

    New screenshots at /artofmagic/screenshots

    New spell-of-the-week, "fireball" at spells

    3rd AOM site launches!

    Publishers, VIE, launch their "Art of Magic" site at www.art-of-magic.co.uk

    New spell-of-the-week, "fire elemental" at spells


  • Release date [above] changed to May, based on new publisher projection

    New screenshots at /artofmagic/screenshots

    Significant work on the site:
    - Screen shots section optimised (for faster downloads)
    - navigator opened up to allow nested options
    - portmanteau and battle menu options descriptions added

    New spell-of-the-week, "excalibur" at spells


  • new preview at maximum3d


  • new screenshots at www.ga-strategy.com

    New spell-of-the-week, "fear" at spells

    source: gamezone

  • "all the elements that fans of this [RPG] genre
    embrace, enjoy and revel in"

    Read the full interview at www.gamezone.com

    source: voodooextreme

  • "I can say from first-hand experience
    that this game is the real deal"

    Read the full interview at www.voodooextreme.com

    FEBRUARY 2001

    New spell-of-the-week, "totem of remote casting" at spells

    2nd AOM site launches!

    US distributors, Bethesda, launch their "Art of Magic" site at aom.bethsoft.com

    New screenshots at /artofmagic/screenshots


  • new screenshots at www.gamespydaily.com
  • new screenshots at www.ga-rpg.com

    New spell-of-the-week, "gorgon stare" at spells

    New diary entry - part10 at /artofmagic/latest/diary.shtml

    New spell-of-the-week, "totem of pacifism" at spells

    source: avault

  • "The Art of Magic becomes
    a potentially explosive title to watch for"

    Read the full preview at www.avault.com

    New diary entry - part09 at /artofmagic/latest/diary.shtml


  • new screenshots at voodooextreme

    site housekeeping - search engine updated - all outstanding links fixed

    New diary entry - part08 at /artofmagic/latest/diary.shtml
    New screenshots at /artofmagic/screenshots
    New spell-of-the-week, "dragon's breath" at spells

    JANUARY 2001

    source: betabites

    "a 'busy' RTS game
    with the strategy end keeping you on your toes"

    Read the full preview at www.betabites.com


  • interview with Paul Whipp, Executive Producer (VIE) at www.gameseek.com


  • new screenshots at www.betabites.com

    New diary entry - part07 at /artofmagic/latest/diary.shtml
    New spell-of-the-week, "disenchant" at spells

    source: gamespy

  • "creatures I summoned actually showed signs of independent action as the game progressed"

    Read the full preview at www.gamespy.com


  • new screenshots at gamespy

    New diary entry - part06 at /artofmagic/latest/diary.shtml
    New screenshots at /artofmagic/screenshots
    New spell-of-the-week, "bury" at spells

    source: firingsquad

  • "holding true to the features that initially separated Might and Magic from the rest of the RTS populace"

    Read the full preview at firingsquad.gamers.com

    source: gamepower

    "Charybdis has come up with some excellent special effects"

    Read the full preview at www.gamepower.com

    source: dailyradar

    "we found the camera system to be utterly intuitive"

    Read the full preview at www.dailyradar.com


  • Q&A with the producer at gamepower


  • new preview at yahoo

    source: www.mpog.com

    "expect to have a lot of fun with this"

    Read the full preview at multi-player online gaming

    source: www.zdnet.com/gamespot

    "a stunning new 3D engine, a more involved campaign and spectacular special effects"

    Read the full preview at gamespot


  • new screenshots at gamespot

    source: www.pc.ign

    "you'll be calling your friends over to take a look"

    Read the full preview at pc.ign.com/previews/14778.shtml


  • preview at at quartertothree


  • link page at pcgamereview


  • update at gamespot

    DECEMBER 2000

    All ingredients now detailed at /artofmagic/portmanteau/ingredients

    source: CNET Gamecenter

    The genre-breaking RTS, Art of Magic, is focused upon in a CNET Gamecenter feature article examining "eight great RTS games in the works."

    "trying to push the genre "

    More at www.gamecenter.com/Features/Exclusives/Rtsroundup/ss03.shtml

    new spells section!

    All non-summoning spells structure in place - individual details to be released weekly

    New diary entry - part05 at /artofmagic/latest/diary.shtml
    New screenshots at /artofmagic/screenshots


  • links only at gamesup well-rounded gamingbliss dailytelefrag gamefaqs


  • more screenshots at bonusweb

    NOVEMBER 2000


  • preview at at gamecenter
  • preview at at gamespot


  • more screenshots at eurogamer


  • progress report and screenshots at the adrenaline vault


  • screenshots at gamespot
  • new preview at gamesdomain
  • "like "Sacrifice" crossed with what "Warcraft III" was originally announced as being..."

    Full preview at http://www.eurogamer.net/content/p_artofmagic


  • new preview at cdmag
  • new preview at gamespy
  • screenshots at pcdome
  • concept art at gamespot
  • update at electricgames
  • update at cdmag

    New screenshots at /artofmagic/screenshots
    source: eurogamer press release


  • new screenshots at eurogamer

    OCTOBER 2000

    New screenshots at /artofmagic/screenshots
    New creatures at /artofmagic/creatures
    New wizards at /artofmagic/wizards


  • interview with the producer of The Art of Magic at ga-rpg
  • concept art at gamespy


  • update at avault

    SEPTEMBER 2000
    source: PCZONE magazine

    "the most impressive 3D effects we've ever seen
    in a strategy game"

    extract taken from NOV 2000 issue (#95) p14


  • more screenshots at bonusweb

    New screenshots at /artofmagic/screenshots

    AUGUST 2000

    New diary entry - part03 at /artofmagic/latest/diary.shtml

    New screenshots at /artofmagic/screenshots

    New diary entry - part02 at /artofmagic/latest/diary.shtml

    New screenshots at /artofmagic/screenshots
    source: gamespy

    Interview with the producer of The Art of Magic, Charybdis' Andy Smith.

    "Our first request was that we be allowed to move the franchise into a 3D world. There is nothing better than seeing a dragon swoop in from the sky, spewing forth a wall of flame onto a band of goblins cowering amongst some trees - all in full 3D."

    more at: http://www.gamespy.com/legacy/interviews/andysmith_a.shtm


  • press release at at gamezone
  • screenshot info at at dailyradar

    JULY 2000
    source: voodoo extreme

    "The spell system is quite unique
    and amazed me when I saw it in action"

    previewed at: http://www.voodooextreme.com/games/previews/artofmagic/


  • exclusive! - the developers diary

    /artofmagic/latest/diary.shtml is proud to be exclusively reporting the ins-and-outs of the development of the game, for the duration of the project. The coverage starts here

    New screenshots at www.magicandmayhem.co.uk/screenshots

    MAY 2000
    source: PSillustrated

    "Art of Magic has great 3D effects and topography along with an addictive strategic element"

    Read the full article at http://www.psillustrated.com/e3_2000/game_art_of_magic.shtml
    source: ga-strategy

    Charybdis: From Machines to Magic

    GA-Source has learned that Charybdis the developers of Machines, a game that we called one of the best real-time strategy's of 1999, has recently taken over the development of Magic & Mayhem: The Art of Magic' (M&M2) from Mythos Games (the creators of X-COM and Magic & Mayhem).

    more at: http://www.ga-strategy.com

    source: gamersgazette

    Virgin Interactive: Switch!

    " It seems that developing the original is no guarantee that you’ll be developing the sequel. Although Mythos Games was the force behind the 1999 real-time strategy game Magic & Mayhem it will NOT be developing the upcoming sequel. That task will go to English–based developers Charybdis, creators of 1999’s RTS title Machines. The change was not made due to any deficiencies on the part of Mythos; as a matter of fact, Mythos and the publisher met to discuss the possible change in developers and Mythos agreed that Charybdis would be a better choice to develop the title. "

    more at: http://www.gamersgazette.com/feb/0220/pc.shtml


    Art of Magic press release


    Bethesda Softworks Announces Sequel to Critically Acclaimed Magic & Mayhem

    Magic & Mayhem: Art of Magic Set to Deliver Innovative Blend of Real-Time Strategy, Role-Playing, and Adventure

    May 8, 2000 (Rockville, MD) -- Bethesda Softworks'™ continuing quest to deliver innovative and entertaining PC titles continues in January 2001 with the eagerly awaited sequel to the award-winning Magic and Mayhem™ -- Magic & Mayhem: The Art of Magic™. Designed by Mythos Games and developed by Charybdis, Art of Magic effortlessly mixes real-time strategy, role-playing, and adventure into an immersive experience that will once again entertain and enthrall PC gamers looking for something new.

    Set within a lush, 3D environment, players control a novice spellcaster who is stranded in a world beset by chaotic forces. Each faction is attempting to seize control of the world, using their armies to fight raging battles through the game. Armed only with a limited supply of spells and powers, players must master their magical abilities and command their armies in order to survive a variety of tactical missions. As they progress, new skills will be learned and used as the player moves through the story to reveal a sinister plot.

    "Magic & Mayhem was extremely well received by gamers and the press," said Mark Hardistry, lead designer for Art of Magic. "We wanted to give the game a fresh new look and a fantastic storyline full of plot twists, without messing with the core elements of the game that worked so well before."

    Art of Magic will feature state-of-the-art 3D graphics with fantastic spell effects, mythical creatures, and lighting effects. Players can smoothly zoom in close to check out the teeth on a marauding demon or zoom out to direct their armies across the battlefields.

    While the game features the same intuitive interface and spell creation system as the original, Art of Magic will also feature a host of new spells and creature types that will provide increased tactical options during combat. Players can move in close on the action and attack with devastating spells, like meteor showers, or keep a safe distance and summon creatures to fight for them, like knights, skeletons, and even dragons. Once players have mastered the single-player campaign, they can compete with up to three other wizards on the Internet to find out who has truly mastered the Art of Magic.

    "Magic & Mayhem offered a combination of strategy, role playing, and adventure gaming that nobody had been able to achieve before or since its release," said Vlatko Andonov, president of Bethesda Softworks. "Art of Magic will build on the success of the original, adding new elements and ideas that will take the gameplay to the next level."

    Magic & Mayhem: Art of Magic will be released on the PC in January 2001.

    source: pcgameworld

    Best Runner-Up
    in the Real-time Strategy Section
    E3 awards this year

    more at: http://www.pcgameworld.com/e32000/realtimestrategy_runnersup.htm

    source: avault

    Art of Magic Details

    " Springboarding from concepts in Magic & Mayhem, Charybdis is set to deliver an enhanced interface, spell system and new 3D engine with a title code-named Art of Magic, an upcoming strategy and role-playing title due in Quarter 1 2001. "

    more at: http://www.avault.com/news/displaynews.asp?story=1112000-113416


  • update at at ga-source

  • latest press