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Game Content :: Weapons

          Strategy First does not want overexposure for this game, so don't expect too much pre-release information on weapons. Though some basics are known. You can expect to see somewhere between 8 and 15 different weapons. With a few of them being the crowd favourites like machine guns and rocket launchers. Though don't be surprised to see a few new breeds of weaponry designed for zero gravity environments

          Remember, not all of your missions are going to be kill enemies A at station B. You'll have to be a little more covert than that, and you might not want to kill everyone. Keeping this in mind, you should definitely expect to see some non-lethal weapons like stun grenades, or maybe some sort of pepper spray?

          That said, there will also be specials systems that you can equip your suit with. The specifics on this concept have not been revealed, but I expect some interesting game play to come out of this