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          Due to Strategy First's desire to reduce overexposure on this up coming title, not much is really known about the game features. But even the best of people can't keep a secret for ever. And pieces of information have been leaking into the gaming world for awhile now through a series of previews and interviews.

Zero-G Marines takes place in and around various space stations. This means you can have fast paced dog fights in the depths of space, skirmishes between stations, or a raging battle in the stations themselves. All lovely woven together with seamless transitions.

Unlike other games of the genre, that would be FPS, Zero-G Marines takes advantage of all three dimensions. I know that games like Quake 3 and Unreal tournament are not just flat game levels, but compared to the freedom in Zero-G Marines they can being to feel like that. Death won't just come from the standard in front, behind, and side to side. But now you have to watch out from cunning players who attack from above and below.

Customizable Combat Suits
That's right, you get to customize what you are in the game. In a cross of between MechWarrior and Tribes, you can choose one of three basic suits (scout, medium, and heavy), and customize your weaponry, your special systems, and more before every mission. This will add to the tactical side of this game.

This just isn't another shoot em' up game. You'll have the benefit of several skilled squad-mates to command at your every whim. You have to think about what your going to do ahead of time. Plan out your actions, and make sure the enemy gets what's coming to him. Strategy First is attempting to make Zero-G Marines the " thinker's FPS", so expect a large tactical side to the game.

Yeah, you get to ride in your very own vehicle. Currently there are two planned vehicles, the fast, single manned Out Rider, and the slower heavily armed shuttle. Is the distance between you and your next target to far? Simply acquire one of these two ships and you'll have your opponent wishing they were never born.

Multi-Linear Single Player Campaign
I know it sounds.... detailed, but its a good thing, honest. What this means is that the single player missions are not completely linear, yes Zero-G marines follows a story, but not like most games. The game unfolds differently depending on your actions. This increases replay value immensely.

No game stands a chance in today's market without good multiplayer support, and Strategy First hasn't forgotten it. Expect the standard deathmatch and CTF play styles, and a couple more that Strategy First hasn't announced yet.