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This is the Vgwallpaper page. You can download all sorts of cool things for Windows make your system interesting looking.
Icons, Wallpapers, Animated Cursors and anything else that seems like fun.
So, on with the show!

Oh yeah, this page is designed for 1024X768X16Bpp, Netscape is better.
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Friday, December 28, 2001
Hey, what's up?
Some of you might of been wondering if this page EVER actually updated.
Well, surprise surprise it has been updated!
It's a long story but suffice to say I'm back here on the 'net.
Big update. A brand spankin' new section has been added.
Sounds! With this section you can now add the
sounds of 8-bit NES goodness to your desktop.
PLUS two new wallpapers in the Miscellaneous section
and one new one in the Personal section.
So there you have it.

Sunday, April 22, 2001
Anyway, big ol' update here. In honor of the announcement of Chrono Trigger
bring re-released here in the states I've added 36 more icons to the Chrono Trigger set as well as eighteen Animated cursors in the cursors section.
Don't miss out on eight Contra 3 icons! Get 'em while they're hot!

Monday, April 09, 2001
Hey, what do you know? There's new stuff here!
Go to the Wallpapers section for six (relatively) new wallpapers with Mario, Link and Luigi!
They're in the Calendar section. I found an old 1992 calendar and figured it'd make for some nice wallpapers.

Tuesday, March 06, 2001
Guess what?
Fifteen new NES cursors available!
Get 'em while they're fresh and 8-bit!

Thursday, February 22, 2001
Long time no update... I know.
All I can say is... ever taken 23 credits?
Enough whining.
I've put up 40 more icons in the Mega Man icon file.
Plus a group of 32 icons that are just a miscellaneous bunch.