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Uploading to
Uploading to Tiger Central
Welcome to the Tiger Central upload page, we have now introduced a second way to upload to us as long as you are familiar with FTP Clients. You can also see our walk through guide to see if that can get you started.

If FTP clients all sound a little too complex then you can use our online uploading system.......

Online Uploading System

FTP Getting Started
First of all you will need to get the FTP program, if you get our recommended program then you can get a preconfigured version up and running immediately. Of Course you can use any FTP program you wish (especially if you already use one) but to get the uploading instructions for your own FTP program you will need to send an email to
Our Program of choice is Leech FTP and this can be downloaded by going to, alternatively click below for a direct download of the File

Direct Download Link for Leech FTP

FTP Installation and Operating Instructions
Once you have installed Leech FTP please download this file Tiger Central Bookmark (If you wish to be kept notified when the password changes then email You will need to extract the file to the installation directory of Leech FTP, this is usually C:\Program Files\LeechFTP. Next you will need to open the Leech FTP application, because you have installed the bookmark file you already have access to the FTP you need to upload to. Please do the following steps to begin uploading:-

Firstly Open the FTP Application...

You may receive a warning to say unable to connect to server, if this happens just click 'ok' and continue...

1. Click on the book Icon and you will open up the bookmarks section of the site.

2. Double click on the icon named, this will automatically log you into the FTP site.

1. Click on the blue bar twice, this will open up the following screen...

1. Choose the folder where your course resides on your machine...

2. Then click the change directory button, this will load your directory listing in the left hand box.

1. Select your file on the left panel, click and drag and drop to the right hand pane.

2. This is the right hand pane, this is the Tiger-Central Server folder.

3. You need to click on the thread tab, this will show you the current transfer information.

4. This shows you the current progress of the upload to the server, the estimated time remaining and it will show here when it is complete.

When you have completed the upload please make sure you send a mail to the staff at Tiger-Central so we can got and get your file and get it posted. Please make sure you email to tell us your upload is ready for posting.


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