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The Hunt Begins

Welcome to The Hunt: Rise of the Triad, a site dedicated to one of the most underrated (IMHO) games of all time: Rise of the Triad (or ROTT for short). ROTT brought many new elements to the first-person shooter genre, adding some elements that haven't been matched to this day. ROTT also figures into future of the genre, since many of ROTT's creators are working on some of the hottest upcoming games. Not to mention the fact that ROTT is a blast... it just plain rocks!

What's New?

(11/12/07) - ROTT has been ported to Nintendo DS, here's two links: here and here. Also thanks to Alan Swanson, I've uploaded the ROTT Remote Ridicule sounds (you know, like "where areeeeeeee youuuuuu/overrrrrrr herreeeeeeeee").

(02/02/06) - What's this? ROTT has been ported to the PSP? It's true!

(01/30/06) - ROTT head honcho Tom Hall is interviewed in the latest edition of 3DRealms' "The Apogee Legacy" feature.

(01/13/06) - The site has been moved to new web hosting and a new location. I fixed some links and cringed at how embarrassing my writing/HTML was nine years ago.

(11/14/05) - Joe Siegler wrote up some information regarding ROTT's various level packs for the game's Wikipedia entry. In case it gets deleted for some reason, the text is mirrored here.

(10/10/05) - WOW, NEW STUFF! Thanks to Joe Siegler, the "Where Are They Now?" page once again has been updated.

Old News & Updates

ROTT in Hell: The Article

ROTT in Hell was an article I wrote for PlanetQuake in July, 1997. I'm quite confident of the fact that it's the best article on ROTT ever written… because this is about it ;) The article covers just about everything you want to know about ROTT… and even things you probably didn't want to know. It takes a look at what it was like during the development, thanks to extensive interviews and never before seen pictures (wow, sounds like a serious documentary, huh?). It explains all aspects of the game, how they were revolutionary (did you know the rocket jump originated in ROTT, for example?) and how ROTT effects the gaming industry today. It's a really great read… and if you don't like reading, there's animations, pictures, and sounds. :) Want to know how to kill El Oscuro? It's in here. It's all here. You must read this.


Wanna try the Shareware version of ROTT? Try some new levels? Grab 'em here!

Cheats & Fun Stuff

ROTT has a massive amount of cheat codes, the most of any game ever according to CGW. Get the full list here. This section also houses some oddball stuff and easter eggs.

Where are They Now?

Who were "Developers of Incredible Power"? Whatever happened to them? Did they all disappear of the face of the Earth? What are they working on now? You might be surprised where some of them ended up.


Links to related ROTT pages and resources.


Music, the manual, and other screenshots and pictures.

All Stuff © 1997 Kevin Bowen. Rise of the Triad is a Copyright of 3DRealms\Apogee and is used with permission.