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The Manual

ROTT has a really spiffy looking manual (which unfortunately doesn't scan too well, I apologize for the quality). It has a lot of neato pictures (even of things that didn't make it into the game), so it's worth checking out.

Pictures From The CD

The ROTT CD has a "goodies" folder with some interesting stuff. There is a "bmps" folder, full of various game artwork and textures, RandRott, a Random Level Generator, RTS Maker, a tool for creating RTS (Remote Ridicule) files, and a "wavs" dir full of all the game sounds (including some that didnt' make the cut, worth checking out). However, the weirdest thing is the "pictures" CD, which features various pictures of The Developers of Incredible Power in action (or lack of thereof). This is a complete listing of those pictures, with captions so you can tell who the hell is in the pic (thanks to Joe Siegler for the help!).

  • Robert Atkins (manual designer) at desk
  • Mark Dochtermann (programmer) & others
  • If you're wondering what the hell they're doing in the above pic, Joe Siegler explains: "It's Mark Dochtermann setting off a water rocket the night that we released ROTT 1.0 Shareware. We had a power failure in the building, and while we waited, we were doing stupid things like setting off water rockets inside the building. :)"

  • Chuck Jones (artist) and his girlfriend
  • Group Shot: From Left to Right: Tom Hall (lead designer, producer), Mark Dochtermann, Nolan Martin (programmer), & William Scarboro (programmer). And yes, that's the real Excalibat
  • The backs of lots of people's heads. From Left to Right: Mark Dochtermann, Jim Dose, Nolan Martin, & William Scarboro.
  • Mark Dochtermann, Susan Singer (artist), Tom Hall, and someone's leg
  • Group Shot: (Top Row) Susan Singer, Tom Hall, Jim Dose (programmer), Steven Hornback (artist). (Bottom Row) William Scarboro, Chuck Jones, Mark Dochtermann.
  • Group Shot: (Top Row) Tom Hall, William Scarboro, Nolan Martin, Steven Hornback). (Bottom Row) Mark Dochtermann, Scott Miller and Tim Neveu
  • Group Shot: (From Left to Right, Starting at Top) Stephen Hornback, Chuck Jones, Mark Dochtermann, Jim Dose, William Scarboro, Tom Hall, Susan Singer
  • Tom Hall's Dog, Doug.
  • "Since Tom had to get rid of the dog, he named one of the game characters after it. Get it? Doug Wendt? :)" (Joe Siegler)

  • Tom Hall, down on the farm. Ahuck.
  • Some Old Dude, George Broussard, Tom Hall
  • "That's not just some "old dude". That's David Gerrold, the guy who wrote the Tribbles episode for Star Trek." (Joe Siegler)

  • Some guys in the hallway, apparently checking how much paper the printer has left
  • That was a printout of all the graphics/sound files used in ROTT stretched out in the hallway. :) (Joe Siegler)

  • Joe Siegler (level designer) discovers the magic of monitors
  • Joe Siegler (as Sebastian "Doyle" Krist) getting digitized next to Tom Hall
  • Mark Dochtermann bragging about his sexual prowess
  • Mark Dochtermann strikes a pose
  • Mark Dochterman, down on the farm. Double ahuck.
  • Tom Hall (as El Oscuro)
  • El Oscuro again
  • Some guy using a red cell phone outside?
  • "That was Dennis Scarff", Joe says. "He used to go outside and make phone calls when he didn't really want to be interrupted. :)"

  • Tom Hall at his best
  • Joseph Selinske (level designer) and his car (actually, it's not his car but that's another story)
  • Joseph Selinske (next to his comp)
  • Steven Blackburn (beta tester) downloading porn
  • Steven Blackburn hard at work
  • Steven Hornback and the NME
  • Steve Quarrella (tech support)
  • Steve Quarrella and a picture of a monkey's ass?
  • "That's not a monkey's ass in STEVEQ2.GIF," Steve says, "It's a wombat, going back to an in-joke that I have with a good friend in Detroit, and our 'Wombat Spankers' secret organization. Todd Replogle and Allen Blum scanned the pic for me, so we made any and every excuse to show it off."

  • Susan Singer at her comp
  • Tim Neveu (artist) and Lee Jackson (sound & music) in back
  • Tom Hall tries to find something edible
  • A really scary close up of Mark Dochtermann, Tom Hall and Joe Siegler
  • William Scarboro in a sad attempt to hold up his co-workers
  • William and the Excalibat
  • Music

    Here's ROTT's music in MIDI format. Most of the music was done by Lee Jackson.

  • Bossblow
  • Cccool
  • Chant
  • Deadly
  • Evinrude
  • Excaliber
  • Fanfare2
  • Fastway
  • Fish Polka
  • Gazz
  • Goingup
  • Hellero
  • Here Boy
  • Howdido
  • Kissoff
  • Mediev1a
  • Mistache
  • Mmmenu
  • Oww
  • Radagio
  • Rise
  • Runlike
  • Shards
  • Smoke
  • Smooth
  • Spray
  • Stairs
  • Suckthis
  • Taskforce
  • Victory
  • Watznext
  • Wherizit
  • Work Day
  • Yousuck
  • Sounds

    Here's all the ROTT Remote Ridicule sounds. You know, like "where areeeeeeee youuuuuu/overrrrrrr herreeeeeeeee," etc.

    All Stuff © 1997 Kevin Bowen. Rise of the Triad is a Copyright of 3DRealms\Apogee and is used with permission.