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  • Rott Shareware version 1.3 (3653k)
  • Utilities & Levels

  • Ted5 - The editor Apogee used for ROTT, Commander Keen, and about 30 other games (290k)
  • ROTT Reject Level Pack - Levels by Apogee for ROTT, but that were never used (53k)
  • Ohio RTC file - 4 Comm-Bat levels by Joe Siegler & Tom Hall (5k)
  • Wolf3D Level - Add-on Level for ROTT by Joe Siegler (5k)
  • ROTT Map Specs - A detailed explanation of the map format for ROTT (11k)
  • Rise of the Triad Wad Utilities by Derek Greentree (278k)
  • Rise of the Triad FAQ v3.0 by Derek Greentree
  • For user created levels, check out this page. (This appears to be down at the moment, doh!)


    Music and pictures can be found in the Gallery section. More files (and lots o' patches) can be found on Apogee's ROTT Downloads page.

    You can download the ROTT Dopefish patch from Dopefish.com. It requires version 1.3 of registered ROTT (see above).

    Looking to dress up your desktop? Download this Windows 95\98\NT ROTT Desktop Theme!

    All Stuff © 1997 Kevin Bowen. Rise of the Triad is a Copyright of 3DRealms\Apogee and is used with permission.